TPI Exclusive: Wayne Dupree’s Interview with America’s Sheriff David Clarke

This interview with Sheriff David Clarke has been a long time coming, but we were finally able to nail it down and he didn’t disappoint. Sheriff Clarke has a new book out, “Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America,” and we were able to dive into his fight against radical leftists.

Sheriff Clarke reveals the truth about the fight against illegal immigration and how the left puts all of our communities in danger.

He doesn’t want to just talk to the choir, he wants to bring together a coalition of Americans who want to work to see that America can return to it’s greatness.

In my interview with the Sheriff, he breaks down exactly what’s happening with illegal immigration and how he and other law enforcement officials are fighting to bring together ICE and local departments to stop criminal illegal aliens.

Check this out:

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Sheriff Clarke’s towering presence is not meant for fear, it’s meant to inform. He has put himself out there and put his reputation on the line to motivate Americans to be the best they can be.

He says something really important that I think needs to be reinforced: this fight is not about him. Of course he’s a national figure and he gets tons of invites to speak on TV and at events. But it’s not about him… it’s about making things better. I would walk along side of this man any and every time I got a chance.

Thank you, Sheriff Clarke!

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