EXCLUSIVE: Author Creates Dating App For Unvaccinated Conservatives Who Feel Shunned by Others

Award-winning entrepreneur Laura Wellington spoke to The Political Insider regarding a new Zneex dating app that pairs up individuals based on their preferred vaccination status.
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Award-winning entrepreneur Laura Wellington spoke to The Political Insider regarding a new dating app that pairs up individuals based on their preferred vaccination status.

Wellington, author of the romance novel Be Careful What You Wish For, said she created the Zneex app out of her own personal experience in dealing with the attitudes that were being exhibited by those based on a personal medical decision.

“I created the ZNEEX app because like many unvaxxed Conservatives, I lost a ton of friends when the pandemic hit and I refused to get vaccinated,” she said.

But, she also notes the same thing happens when the roles are reversed.

“My app solves this dilemma,” she explained.

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What is the Zneex App?

Wellington launched the Zneex app in December of 2022 and said the revenue generated by the app, as well as its number of daily users, has been “growing daily.”

In a column for the American Thinker two months before launch, she outlined her belief that a large contingent of unvaccinated individuals would not consider dating vaccinated men.

Wellington said she further knew the app “would be successful” after she initiated a video query about potential demand and received over 80,000 responses.

“Plenty of unvaxxed Conservatives, not unlike myself, were being shunned by their friends for their stance and so we all felt like islands in a storm,” she explained.

“The app would help to rebuild new friend groups around them, make them feel less alone, and also insulate them from further crazy given they needed others like them to rely on when shit went down,” added Wellington.

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The App is for Both Sides of the Vaccine Argument

The Zneex app currently boasts a “90% successful relationships” stat on their website and, as Wellington notes, that’s for people on both sides of the vaccine argument.

“As one’s health, wellness, and longevity is reliant upon positive relationships in one’s life, unvaxxed Conservatives needed to re-establish them,” she states.

“On the other side of it, plenty of vaxxed people didn’t want to associate with the unvaxxed so giving them the means to find new friends as well that they were comfortable with would help them too,” Wellington said.

The author though, notes that choosing a relationship based on vaccine status isn’t about dividing people.

“What I didn’t want to do is to create a platform of hate and divide but rather a model for living individual lives, accepting differences, and moving forward as a unit,” she told The Political Insider.

It’s “what this nation could be doing if it so chose,” she insists.

“Supporting people, empowering them through positive relationships, and getting them outdoors in the fresh air when meeting, can only help improve sanity, understanding, and awareness,” Wellington remarked.

What do our readers think of the app or even the idea of pairing up based on vaccine status, and to some extent, political beliefs?

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