DeSantis Calls For Grand Jury Probe Into COVID Vaccines: Says CDC Info ‘Not Worth the Paper It’s Printed On’

Governor Ron DeSantis called on the Florida Supreme Court to convene a grand jury to investigate "any and all wrongdoing" ​involving the use of COVID-19 vaccines. 
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Governor Ron DeSantis called on the Florida Supreme Court to convene a grand jury to investigate “any and all wrongdoing” ​involving the use of COVID-19 vaccines. 

“In Florida, it is illegal to mislead and misrepresent, especially when you are talking about the efficacy of a drug​,” he advised.

DeSantis’ announcement came during a roundtable discussion held with state Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo and several scientists and physicians. ​​

An announcement on the governor’s website goes a step further, saying they are filing a petition for the grand jury to not only investigate wrongdoings but also “crimes … committed against Floridians related to the COVID-19 vaccine.”

“The Biden Administration and pharmaceutical corporations continue to push widespread distribution of mRNA vaccines on the public, including children as young as 6 months old, through relentless propaganda while ignoring real-life adverse events,” a statement reads.

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DeSantis Sets Up His Own Version of the CDC

In addition to calling for a grand jury investigation into crimes committed in the name of the COVID vaccine, Governor DeSantis also announced the formation of a Public Health Integrity Committee.

“Our CDC, at this point, anything they put out, you just assume, at this point, that it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on … we’re creating what we’re calling the Public Health Integrity Committee,” he announced.

The petition for the grand jury and the new CDC-like committee is a result of pharmaceutical companies not making their vaccine data available to independent researchers. 

“We’ll be able to get the data whether they want to give it or not,” revealed DeSantis.

There is also a disagreement when it comes to the actual CDC’s information on myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis, inflammation of the outer lining of the heart, and its prevalence post-vaccination.

The CDC claims those instances are rare, while DeSantis’ grand jury petition states the Florida Department of Health “found an increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related deaths among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.”

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DeSantis Sets Up Committee To Keep the CDC Honest

The Public Health Integrity Committee will consist of seven PhDs and MDs charged with assessing federal decisions, recommendations, and guidance related to public health and health care.

One name you might recognize is that of Stanford professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, who was blacklisted from Twitter for his views during the pandemic. 

In particular, the ‘Twitter Files’ document drop by new chief Elon Musk showed that Bhattacharya was secretly blacklisted because he “argued that Covid lockdowns would harm children.”

Now, Bhattacharya will play a significant role in health policy formation in Florida.

To be clear, Governor DeSantis had consistently urged Floridians to get the vaccine, citing the effectiveness of the jab and noting that a significant percentage of people being hospitalized for COVID “are either not fully vaccinated or not vaccinated at all.”

However, he has unfailingly fought back against mandates and forcing citizens to get the shot.

Florida filed a lawsuit in October of 2021 against President Biden’s vaccine mandate in regard to contractors.

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“It’s important for us to take a stand,” he said. “Tossing people aside is just not something we can tolerate here in the state of Florida, so we are going to do everything we can.”

“Questions have been raised regarding the veracity of the representations made by the pharmaceutical manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly with respect to transmission, prevention, efficacy, and safety​,” DeSantis states in the petition.

​”An investigation is warranted to determine whether the pharmaceutical industry has engaged ​in fraudulent practices. The people of Florida deserve to know the truth​.”

DeSantis is widely assumed to be interested in running for the Republican Party nomination for President in 2024, depending on how things shake out with former President Donald Trump.

Trump has been a strong advocate for the vaccine which was developed with historic speed during his presidency.

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