Everyone Is Mad at Lori Loughlin’s Privilege – How About Looking Into Malia Obama and Chelsea Clinton’s?

Last week, news broke that many wealthy people, including famous celebrities like actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, had allegedly broken rules and seemingly laws to get their children into prestigious schools.

But “Full House” and “Desperate House Wives” stars probably aren’t the only people we should be looking at.

When “checking your privilege,” why not start at the top?

Chelsea Clinton’s Privilege?

How did Chelsea Clinton wind up at more than one top-notch university? Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently explored this question in the wake of the college admissions scandal.

“How (do) the mediocre children of the politically powerful on both sides take top spots at top schools without even resorting to bribery?” Carlson asked.

“They get it for free,” he said. “They are just awarded them for the achievement of being born.”

“That’s how Chelsea Clinton wound up at Stanford and Oxford,” Carlson added. He said the Clinton daughter also ended up on “the various boards of big companies and then making documentary films nobody ever watches. All without having a single original thought ever in her life.”


“Do you know why that is?” Carlson asked. “That’s an aristocracy disguised as a meritocracy. It’s a scam.”

But Chelsea isn’t the only First Daughter to possibly get a leg up on life due to who she is.

Malia Obama’s Privilege?

“The media pretend to be shocked. In an editorial on the scandal, the New York Times singled out Harvard University for its ‘special admissions preferences and back doors for certain applicants,” notes The American Thinker’s Jack Cashill. “This is the same New York Times, however, that published an entirely uncritical article three years prior headlined, ‘Malia Obama Rebels, Sort of, by Choosing Harvard.”

“Malia is the fourth member of the Obama family to attend that august university, none of whom, save perhaps for Grandpa Obama, deserved to be there,” Cashill believes.

Obviously similar to Chelsea Clinton, being the president’s daughter has its advantages. But Cashill’s column delves into how much affirmative action might have played a role in aiding the Obama families educational journeys.

This topic has popped up again because of the admissions scandal. CNN’s John Blake writes:

The outrage over the scam laid out by federal prosecutors has opened a new battleground in the affirmative action war. Opponents of the policy say the allegations bolster their arguments that elite colleges can’t be trusted to vet students impartially.

You think?

“Some affirmative action critics, when asked why preferential treatment for racial minorities is wrong but giving a leg up to wealthy students, children of donors and legacy admissions is OK, say both are dubious,” Blake continues.

How much any of this might have played a role in Malia Obama’s school choices isn’t necessarily quantifiable.

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But the question remains: If everyone is upset at Loughlin – “Full House’s” “Aunt Becky,” and justifiably so – why stop there?

No one should automatically assume Obama or even Clinton were necessarily handed most of what they achieved, nor should any of their legitimate achievements be underscored. Even wealthy elites deserve credit where credit is due.

But per Tucker Carlson’s point, how much does the entire political class get away with rigging the system due to unchecked elite privilege?

It could be interesting if anyone in the mainstream media thought it was worth finding out.


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