If papa was a rolling stone, what would you call this shotgun-strapped grandpa?

These young kids today know nothing about the older generation and how they had to survive some pretty messed up situations in the ’60s. These kids think they can treat the elderly with disrespect and get away with it. There are some that are labeled THUGS who want to bully the elderly to make themselves feel superior.

In the case of Kenneth Byrd, 67, that didn’t work. Byrd protected his family from harm and danger when three bullies thought they would take out the old man.

From We Support The Blue:

Once again a “good guy” with a gun, stops “three thugs” with guns, and luckily the “good guy” was able to protect his family against a home invasion and protect his 19-year old granddaughter from being raped.

The incident began when 67-year old Kenneth Byrd answered the door, around 10 PM, and within seconds three armed thugs forced their way into his home.

However, Mr. Byrd was also armed and ready to protect his family.

The family told authorities that one of the suspects came to their door claiming to have car problems and claiming to need water.

The two other men then forced their way into the house wearing ski masks and gloves and demanded money.

Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey told reporters, that when one of the thugs attempted to rape the girl, that’s when the shootout began, and all three thugs fled in Byrd’s gold Cadillac.

All three suspects have been identified as Jamie Lee Faison (20), Brandon Carver Stephens (28) and Jamar Hawkins (17). Faison was later found dead from a gunshot wound. Byrd was also seriously injured in the shootout. He is now in recovery.

Obviously the outcome as bad as it was, could have been a lot worst if granddad wasn’t armed to protect his family, time and again we see good law-abiding individuals becoming victims at the hands of low life thugs…the best equalizer against rape, is a well armed and experienced woman, in the use of firearms.

Good for you grandpa. Exactly what I would have done.

And now their mommies are going to cry on national news channels about how they were good boys, and just misguided! They’ll squeal about how nobody had the right to shoot their son; they aren’t God and can’t just decide to be jury, judge, and executioner. But I’m glad grandpa was able to protect his granddaughter.

Tell me what you thought of grandpa’s defense of his home. Do you think you would have done the same thing? Share your response in the comment section below and add this to your Twitter/Facebook page.

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