The one question no one dares ask about Barack Obama is, why? Why would he do what he did? The answer is straightforward.

When you elect a communist and to office, any office, he will surround himself with like-minded gangsters, don’t you agree? Is it any wonder that Obama behaved like a Third World failed state dictator?


If I had to pick one to squeeze, it would be James Comey. I don’t think he will take the rap for Obama while Susan Rice and Eric Holder probably would prove to be more loyal. I could be wrong about that. Better haul all three of them in and put the clamps on Clapper and Brennan while you are at it. All of them have plenty of dirt on Barack and Valarie. These criminals will start to sing like birds to save their skins.

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None of these perpetrators had the courage or the intelligence to act on their own without approval from Obama et al. Obama should have done a better job at providing himself plausible deniability.

But then again, Obama’s too arrogant. The media fawning did it.

It should be obvious to everyone by now that Obama and his remnant government minions have attempted to (as he promised before his first election) “fundamentally transform” our country from a constitutional representative republic into a banana republic by subverting government agencies beginning with the IRS and culminating with the DOJ and the internal government police known as the FBI?

All with the assistance of Obama’s praetorian guards in the Fourth Estate who have morphed into the most significant Fifth Column since the CPUSA.

If the real collusionists and obstructionists in the Democrat/Socialist Party and their co-conspirators in the DOJ, Intel agencies, and FBI are not brought to justice, then Obama has indeed succeeded in the total transformation and subversion of our nation.


Someone much higher than Obama was and still is pulling strings. Obama is just a very willing participant who most likely wanted to have America destroyed as well.

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Soros, globalists, communists are behind destroying many countries to bring in The New World Order. That’s why I am very suspicious about this coronavirus and the world wide orders of tyrants. China might be right that they were not the only ones being responsible for this virus. There are far more players involved besides just China.


Members of the Obama cult, scores of millions of them, won’t listen to these facts, and Obama certainly won’t admit to any wrongdoing. This is only going to ramp up their hate for America and Americans. If it begins to look like Obama, Hillary, et al., might be brought to justice, anti-Trump rhetoric will go off the rails like never before, including incitement for violent protest.

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Even now, forces both in the DOJ and media complex are moving to either squash this unfolding scandal, or so malign it that it never gains traction among the general public. For example, I read yesterday that something like 1,700 FORMER DOJ officials called for Barr to resign. Barr is getting too close for comfort, even though my own opinion is Barr has no intention of ever getting “over the target.” He’s just circling the target to give the appearance of justice.

And of course, should the unthinkable happen and Trump loses in November, it will all go away very quietly. And in a year, most people will have forgotten about it.