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Epstein’s Ex-Housekeeper Says Prince Andrew Was ‘Kept Company’ By Beautiful Young Neurosurgeon

Shelby Talcott on November 22, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-housekeeper for his New Mexico ranch said Prince Andrew was given a beautiful young neurosurgeon to keep him company when he visited, according to an investigative podcast.

Prince Andrew has become embroiled in controversy ever since the dead alleged child sex trafficker’s arrest in July. Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre named the Duke of York as having sex with her when she was 17 years old while he hanging out with the disgraced millionaire. He has denied the allegations.

Deidre Stratton, a former housekeeper at Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, said in a September podcast episode of Epstein: Devil in the Darkness that the prince stayed at the ranch on his own and was “kept company” by a young woman. The episode was first unearthed by the Sun Thursday evening. Stratton alleged that the woman would often ask for herbal tea to help make the prince “horny,” according to the interview.

“At the time, Jeffrey had this, she supposedly was a neurosurgeon, quite young, beautiful, young and brilliant, and she stayed in the home with him,” Stratton said.

“At one point we had all these different teas and you could pick the teas that you wanted and she asked me to find one that would make Andrew more horny.”

The former housekeeper continued on to say that the young woman understood that she had to entertain Prince Andrew. Stratton explained two theories on why the woman was always trying to please the prince, according to the podcast.

“I’m guessing she understood her job was to entertain him because I guess, the fear, I don’t know – the fear would be that Andrew would say ‘no, I didn’t really find her that attractive,’” Stratton said. “He would tell Jeffrey that and then she would be on the ropes.”

“Another theory is that Jeffrey had her on retainer and she knew what her job would be, should be, to make these people happy.”

Stratton added that Epstein would “ideally like three massages a day.” She said the word massages would be “in air quotes” because it actually meant sex, adding that she didn’t “see how his guests wouldn’t know that.”

The Duke of York stepped down from public duties Wednesday because his former friendship with Epstein is a “major distraction” for the Royal Family, according to a statement. He received major backlash after an interview with BBC about the allegations backfired.

The investigative podcast is co-produced by National Inquirer’s editor in chief Dylan Howard, Vanity Fair previously reported. Stratton said she worked for Epstein between 1997 and 2003 and was told to hire young massage therapists, the Sun previously reported.

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  • I see your Orange faced master has taught you how to spell...good grief. Ya...
    write an "aritcle"..Ya, keep "quite" ...sad..."lieing" persons. Go back to school
    and make something of yourself and help elect a decent, honest man in 2020.

  • Well know that Billy's Boy pilot-when BB was president- is in deep do do...maybe he'll write a book to pay his legal fees.

  • Well it appears the Prince lied as did Billy boy but America has done nothing to even run a public aritcle on Billy boy's trips etc but let The Trump family go out of line the media takes it and lies the tv Comedians take it lie and make fun Ya that is you Seth Meyers and Jimmy Falon but let us keep quite about billy boy you are all sad lieing persons!

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