Elizabeth Warren Dismisses Biden’s Sexual Assault Accuser, Says His Denial Is ‘Credible And Convincing’

Senator Elizabeth Warren dismissed accusations of sexual assault against Democrat nominee Joe Biden, saying his strong denial was “credible and convincing.”

CNN congressional reporter Manu Raju reported that Warren did not believe all women, instead siding with Biden over former Senate staffer Tara Reade.

Reade made the serious accusation during a podcast back in March, then filed a criminal complaint with the sexual assault unit of the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department in April.

Biden has said the assault “never happened.”

“I saw the reports of what Ms. Reade said, I saw an interview with Vice President Biden,” Warren reportedly said when asked if the allegations need to be investigated.

“I appreciate that the vice president took a lot of questions, tough questions. And he answered them directly and respectfully,” she declared. “The vice president’s answers were credible and convincing.”

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Fundamentally Wrong

Warren’s dismissal without calling for an investigation is diametrically opposed to how she felt regarding Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford, whom Juanita Broaddrick recently said had far less detail and credibility to her story, was treated by Democrats as if she were blindly telling the truth despite her questionable claims.

Warren chastised Republicans for not investigating Ford’s claims further (they did), saying it was “an insult to every single woman in this country” and “fundamentally wrong.”

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“The fact that [Republicans] want to ram this through and not have an investigation … That treats every woman with disrespect,” Warren further suggested.

“It treats everyone who has been a victim of sexual assault with disrespect. It treats human beings as if their claims are meaningless and that powerful men can do whatever they want to do,” she said. “And it’s just not right.”

Supporting Biden without an investigation seems to indicate Reade’s pain is meaningless in Warren’s eyes.

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Warren isn’t the only one willing to sell her soul and dismiss a sexual assault claim that has been corroborated by several people at this point.

Both she and imaginary governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams have been angling for the vice-presidential role on Biden’s ticket, easily transforming themselves from champions of women to defenders of men.

Feminist lawyer Lisa Bloom, meanwhile, has said she believes the assault took place but doesn’t care because it’s too important to beat President Trump in November.

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