Parkland survivors like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez claim to speak for all young Americans when they spout their anti-gun vitriol, but the reality is that there are teenagers across the country who love and support the Second Amendment. One of those teenagers is 16-year-old Elizabeth Najjar, a high school student in Virginia.

Earlier this month, Najjar posted a video to Facebook titled, “My thoughts on the 2nd Amendment.” In it, she shares why gun rights are so important – as well as why people like Hogg and Gonzalez have it wrong.

“This is a society problem, this is a people problem,” Najjar said in the video. “People weren’t doing their jobs. I mean, the FBI was alerted about Cruz so many times, and nothing happened.”

“As we’ve seen in the past month, since the Parkland shooting, you know, students like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez have stepped up, and they’re claiming that they’re experts on the subject of guns and gun control, which we all know they’re not experts,” Najjar continued. “We’re so lucky that we have those freedoms, and now people want to take them away?”

Najjar also touched on a glaring fact that anti-gun liberals blatantly ignore: women have a right to self defense.

“So how am I supposed to defend myself?” she asked. “How are other young women supposed to defend themselves? How are men supposed to protect their families?”

This is an extremely relevant question. Florida, Hawaii, and Illinois have already banned gun sales to people under age 21, and other liberal states are considering passing similar legislation. How is it that a 20-year-old person can be old enough to vote, pay taxes, and serve in the military, but not be old enough to purchase a gun to defend themselves and their family?

Najjar clearly has a better understanding of and appreciation for America’s gun laws and her God-given rights than Hogg and Gonzalez do, and there are undoubtedly thousands of other conservative students just like her. But the media doesn’t want to listen to levelheaded young people like Najjar. Instead, they want to listen to people who call for gun confiscation while wearing a Puerto Rican flag patch on their arm.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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