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Parkland Student’s Outfit Should Raise Some Flags

Emma Gonzalez, one of the Parkland survivors who has become a liberal media darling thanks to her vehemently anti-gun stance, wore a Cuban flag patch sewn onto a military-style jacket while speaking at the anti-gun March For Our Lives Rally on Saturday.

Gonzalez is of Cuban heritage. In fact, her father fled Fidel Castro’s regime for New York in 1968. But Gonzalez has either forgotten or doesn’t care that Castro initiated gun confiscation in Cuba so that the communist government could walk through the streets murdering innocent people.

The irony of Gonzalez’s Cuban flag patch is astounding, so it’s really no surprise that Rep. Steve King called her out for it. Members of his campaign team posted a meme highlighting Gonzalez’s apparent ignorance on King’s Facebook page.

Unsurprisingly, liberals accused King of picking on Gonzalez and attacking her heritage, but the person managing King’s Facebook page explained that they were simply “pointing out the irony of someone wearing the flag of a communist country while simultaneously calling for gun control” and “calling attention to the truth.” And many people agreed with King.

It’s one thing for Gonzalez to be proud of and want to represent her Cuban heritage. It’s quite another for her to wear a Cuban flag while calling for gun control. Perhaps she should have better educated herself on Cuba’s history of gun confiscation before taking the podium at an anti-gun event.

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