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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. My Cut ☺ says:

    It is more about hate for Trump that an investigation. With all these investigations going on and more unnecessary future ones on Trump the House has turned into a kangaroo court and no legislation is being done.

  2. jonexner says:

    This is the most ridiculous spectacle that the progressive socialist democrat party could partake in.
    First since Whitaker has become the acting AG has anyone seen any evidence that he has done anything to slow down the mueller witch hunt?
    Second, it looks like Whitaker will be replaced by the new AG in about a week.
    Third, if they really want to know if Whitaker has done anything to interfere with mueller they could have just call mueller in front of their clown show and asked him.
    Instead they would like to show the whole country just how foolish they are.

    1. David says:

      AND some sound more foolish than others! It was a ‘revelatory display’ of the ignorance, the arrogance of the nature of the men and women who comprise the ‘left-of-center democrats’ in the house under the DIRECTION of the jezebellian demonic possessed Pelosium — none of the men wore their ‘big boy pants’, and the woman jemima’s reflected how they interrogated their own sons and daughters for as long as they were under ‘mamma’s thumbs! When it was over, it was time for pancakes and syrup!

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