Don’t Turn the New Zealand Attack Into a Political Tool

As the world mourns the deaths of over 40 innocent people in New Zealand, of course the next question is why did this happen? What kind of sickness would compel someone to take so many lives?

The right response in this moment is unified condemnation and support for the people of New Zealand.

The WRONG response is to use this tragedy as a POLITICAL TOOL.

The shooting suspect (we won’t mention his name because he doesn’t deserve the notoriety) is clearly an unhinged, extremist lunatic who doesn’t represent ANY group of people. His racist and hateful thoughts and actions are his own.

Don’t give the murderer WHAT HE WANTS!

This monster’s GOAL was to spark division and spur a civil war – anyone who uses his doctrine as reason to fuel division is doing HIS DIRTY WORK.


Don’t give him any such victories. Right now, it’s time to be human. We were stronger in unity after 9/11.

The RIGHT response is the opposite of the flames he hoped to stoke: UNITY.

Some in America are already ridiculously trying to make this tragedy about President Trump. DON’T LET THEM. 

Portraying the suspect as a “Trump supporter” is not only irresponsible because it assigns blame to someone who had nothing to do with this, but it takes the focus off of the victims and their families.

Don’t let the media make this about Trump. Don’t let the Left make this about Trump.

That a deranged man propped up Trump in his mind as something he is not does not reflect in any way on the president himself or the country he leads.

None of us can control what crazy people do. None of us should have to live according to some lunatic’s delusions.

Now is the time to COME TOGETHER to condemn terrorism and extremism and anyone unstable or evil enough to take innocent lives.

Many make fun of “thoughts and prayers” these days, but that is exactly what is needed in trying times like these.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • Who knows what he wants?
    People could just as well start hating Australians because the perp was Australian.
    Just as stupid as blaming Trump supporters!

  • The knee jerk reaction to the nut job is to restrict guns! That only takes rights away from law abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves as criminals will never surrender their guns! So when a nut job drives a car or truck into a crowd are cars banned or restricted? No because auto manufactures and oil companies get rich off people driving whereas guns just sit around til needed! Those in favor of one world order want to take away our guns so we can be controlled. This asshole should be turned over to the Muslims he harmed for a public stoning; justice served!

  • Didn't he say he was a socialist? Not Conservative? The media seems to have skipped that when attaching this guy to Trump.

  • "Portraying the suspect as a “Trump supporter” is not only irresponsible because it assigns blame to someone who had nothing to do with this, but it takes the focus off of the victims and their families."

    The "Guest Author" nailed it by pointing out this clearly defined lunacy from the left.

  • One thing is certain...This was not an act of a Christian conservative. But embraced, by the haters of the Christian Conservative people, and attack them unjustly, to to gain support for their vile and evil doctrines, which are out to destroy them, for their own corrupt gains. THEY THRIVE ON DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!!!, in any form!

  • I condemn this massacre of Muslims as strongly and powerfully as the Muslims have condemned the endless massacre of various peoples by Muslim jihaddies.

  • there a lot of things that don't add up here. the major one being this hero, that picked up an empty shotgun, that the shooter dropped. the shooter must have known it was his, because no one else was around.there are quite a few other things if you should read in detail. such as why this dude even decided to write all that crap on guns and ammo. did he expect to get caught, or shot, by police that don't carry weapons, as far as i know. just one hero with an empty shotgun. yep, so many questions and no real answers. can we say martyers?

  • OK what happen was wrong and I agree with ur comments But Muslims have been MURDERING people for YRS. and Muslims don't need this for revenge THEY KILL Christians and none Muslims and THIER OWN WORDS WE ARE HERE TO MAKE THIS A Muslim COUNTRY WE'er here to take over not UR LAWS BUT THE THE LAW OF Islam so U see They really are the ones who cuss this BY burning FLAGS OF OTHER COUNTRY NO ONE IN THE WORLD HAS KILLED MORE PEOPLE THEN THIS SICK IDEOLOGY the blame is the HATEFUL BOOK THE QURAN AND ISLAM ITSELF

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