Donald Trump’s One-Word Answer To Paying Reduced $175 Million Bond: Cash

Donald Trump secured a significant victory in his civil fraud trial case, seeing his bond reduced and leading to an epic courtroom sketch.
Screenshot: Fox News

Donald Trump recently won a significant reduction in the bond amount for his civil fraud case in New York on Monday.

The original bond was set at $464 million, but an appellate court ruled to lower it to $175 million.

This decision came after Trump’s attorneys argued that the original bond was a “practical impossibility” to post and requested a stay on the judgment while appealing the ruling.

While the $175 million bond remains a travesty of justice, the reduction marks a significant victory for the presumptive Republican nominee for President.

And he knows it. Take, for example, this incredible courtroom sketch. A work of art so good some suggest it belongs in the Louvre.

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Trump’s Bond Victory

Keep in mind a few things when viewing that impossibly awesome courtroom sketch of the OG political gangsta.

  • While still absurdly high for a baseless case, the bond for Trump was slashed by nearly 63%.
  • Reports had indicated Trump was struggling to pay the massive original amount and faced the seizure of his properties. Now, he has hinted he will pay with cash.
  • New York Attorney General had celebrated the original amount almost exactly one month ago. Will she send an updated post on X with the new, more manageable amount?

No wonder Trump is smiling. He won and he knows it. It seems unlikely that James will be able to pursue his properties. Not only does he now only have to secure a greatly reduced bond, but Trump also has 10 additional days to pay.

In fact, responding to reporters outside the courthouse for his “hush money” case, Trump indicated it would be an “honor” to pay the reduced amount.

“What’s your collateral for the bond?” a reporter asked, to which Trump responded, “Cash.”

And a meme was born.

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The Left Is Not Pleased

As expected, leftists were beside themselves with the decision to reduce Trump’s bond. One site announced “Rich man’s privilege prevails.”

They blamed “undemocratic judges.”

Which is odd considering most critics – on the right and left – have viewed Judge Arthur Engoron’s outlandish original fine and the James case in general as undemocratic.

Even Don Peebles, a former prominent fundraiser for both of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, recently suggested the case was sketchy to begin with calling it “a very slippery slope to selectively enforce an archaic law that has got no victim.”

Peebles also suggested James was trying to move quickly on seizing Trump’s properties because she knew Trump would win on appeal.

Sad to say for Tish James, we may never know if she could have successfully seized Trump’s assets.

“It’s a decision we appreciate and respect of the appellate division very much,” the former President said regarding the bond reduction.

“We have a judge who I believe is a crooked judge and a crooked attorney general, absolutely crooked. We did nothing wrong at all, 100%, and that was proven,” he added. “Everybody there said it was proven.”

Hopefully, the appellate court will continue to see through this obvious overreach by Engoron and James.

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