Donald Trump Reportedly Shoots Down Nikki Haley Meeting Request

According to a report on Thursday, when former United Nations Ambassador and establishment favorite for 2024 Nikki Haley requested a meeting with former President Donald Trump, she was turned down.

Politico’s Playbook reported that Haley asked to meet with her former boss his at Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Politico cited a “source familiar” with the exchange.

It’s no secret that Haley has presidential aspirations, and the former governor of South Carolina is much more in line with the Cheney-McConnell-establishment wing of the GOP, not the America First-Trump wing.

Trump Snubs Haley After She Harshly Criticized Him Last Week

Last week, Haley criticized Trump during an in-depth interview with Politico Magazine’s Tim Alberta and suggested that the former president had become irrelevant.

“I don’t think he’s going to be in the picture. I don’t think he can. He’s fallen so far,” Haley said.

“We need to acknowledge he let us down,” Haley added. “He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him.”

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“I think his business is suffering at this point,” she went on. “I think he’s lost any sort of political viability he was going to have.”

Haley said Trump losing social media would be a major factor.

“I think he’s lost his social media, which meant the world to him,” Haley said. “I mean, I think he’s lost the things that really could have kept him moving.”

Haley Said She Is ‘Disgusted’ By Trump’s Treatment Of Pence

Haley even said she was “disgusted” by Trump’s behavior toward former Vice President Mike Pence.

“When I tell you I’m angry, it’s an understatement,” Haley said. “Mike has been nothing but loyal to that man. He’s been nothing but a good friend of that man.”

Haley added, “I am so disappointed in the fact that [despite] the loyalty and friendship he had with Mike Pence, that he would do that to him. Like, I’m disgusted by it.”

After the Politico interview, Haley wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal claiming that the “liberal media” was misportraying her and was trying divide Republicans.

Haley wrote, “The media playbook starts with the demand that everyone pick sides about Donald Trump—either love or hate everything about him.”

But it’s not the first time Haley has viciously attacked Donald Trump. 

In 2016, when the Republican establishment was still desperately trying to stop Trump from locking up the GOP nomination for President, Haley tried to smear Trump by linking his “rhetoric” to Dylann Roof. 

Roof is the psychopath who murdered nine black Christians in a South Carolina Church in 2015. 

Prior to that, Haley falsely claimed that Trump refused to disavow white supremacists and the KKK.

Most Expect Haley To Make A White House Bid In 2024

Haley has been expected by many to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 but a lack of support from Trump could be a make or break relationship for anyone running for the White House in four years.

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That is, if former President Trump does not run again himself.

Haley has not officially announced an expected campaign for president in 2024 but a recent poll suggests she may have a hard time getting the Republican nomination without the support of Trump.

Trump currently has 53 percent support, while Haley only has six percent support in a poll conducted by Morning Consult.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • He was never President. He was not a natural born citizen, almost certainly not from accident of birth, but rather from relinquishing American citizenship.

  • It's always refreshing to see a message that speaks to the threshold issue of CONSTITUTIONAL ELIGIBILITY, which so many ignore.

  • Let's forget about Pres. Trump. I have my eye on Tucker Carlson as a fresh new leader of the Republican party.. – Say what you want, I will not change my mind, unless the latter does something bad.

  • I agree with you. We need Trump/pence back in 2024. If not Trump then Pence & someone else. Trump is keeping us in suspense (the last I heard) if he’s gonna run again in 2024 or not. I know he’s staying active with the Republican Party.
    What would really get the left mad is 2024 Trump/Pence then 2032 Donald Trump Jr & someone for 8 years (like Reagan/Bush & Bush/Quayle) but then we had a wonderful speaker of the house at the time (Newt Gingrich) & Senate Leader (Mitch McConnell) so really that didn’t upset the Democrats to much back then. Them were the days when the country was ran like it should’ve been ran. It started going down hill fast when Clinton/Gore was in. Then slightly started back on the rise with Bush/Chaney then back down with Obama/Biden then up slightly with Trump/Pence now back down with Biden/Harris. You talk about a roller coaster ride. WOW. lol.

  • She doesn't pass the threshold test of constitutional eligibility. She's eligible to the offices of Governor, Member of the House and Senator. She should obey the Constitution and run only for the offices for which she is eligible.

  • With respect, I like much of what you say, but draw the line at Pence. He's one of the main reasons the United States has no President or Vice President.
    Not because of a fault in the Constitution but rather because people refused to follow it.
    Kamala Harris is not a natural born citizen of the United States because her parents were not citizens of the United States when she was born in California. Her constitutional ineligibility infects the whole Biden/Harris ticket. There is no constitutional authority for any elector to vote for a constitutionally ineligible ticket. Hence any vote cast for such a ticket is void. Mike Pence said that his role was not to reject electoral votes. Of course it was, when the votes were constitutionally void. Rejection of all electoral votes for the Biden/Harris ticket would have thrown the election to Congress, as neither Trump/Pence nor Biden/Harris would have 270 electoral votes. Had this been done, there would be an American President and Vice President. But it wasn't, so no President or Vice President has been elected

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