Donald Trump Just Got THIS Great Advice From Ann Coulter And Everyone Should Take Notice

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Ann Coulter joined Eric Bolling on The O’Reilly Factor Monday night and gave Donald Trump some valuable information that could keep him surging in the polls.

Coulter said that Trump would continue to do well in the polls as long as he keeps talking about immigration. Here’s a bit of reality for everyone reading this post right now. I think that Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Scott Walker would all make unbelievably superb presidents, great leaders, and they have a lot of integrity.

But Trump is a different beast that has an unknown factor not measured on any number’s table. He has the ability to generate his own publicity and give a voice to the voiceless American people. He calls them the silent majority, and they will follow and support him in a way that will galvanize the country and motivate them to feel good about themselves again.

But the elephant in the room is illegal immigration and until that is solved, Americans will continue to be angry.

“The voters keep saying, ‘We don’t want any more immigration,'” Coulter said. “That’s why Trump is so popular. So pick it up, Republicans.”

She explained that halting illegal immigration would help solve other key issues such as the economy and national security.

“Don’t make terrorists citizens through immigration, and we’ll have a lot less of a national security problem,” Coulter said, pointing to the attacks at the Boston Marathon and in Chattanooga.

“This is a Republican Party being run for the business interests in America, not for the people,” Coulter said. “This is why people are voting for Trump, and it doesn’t matter what he says other than that.”

“He has an army behind him.”

Check out the interview:

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