Speaking at a Republican fundraiser in Texas, Donald Trump Jr. gave a glimpse into what life is like when your father is in the White House. He said their relationship – inseparable on the campaign trail – has taken a backseat due to a lack of availability for the President.

Via Townhall:

Donald Trump Jr. spoke at a Republican fundraising event Saturday night in Texas, praising his father’s progress as president and updating those in attendance of the personal difficulties life in the White House has on their relationship, according to NBC News.

“I basically have zero contact with him at this point,” Trump Jr. told the Republican attendees.

He took over his father’s business in January after months of campaigning throughout the country.

What may be Jr.’s loss with the President has been America’s gain.

“I’m watching more take place in two months than I saw in two terms before,” the younger Trump said.

Trump Jr. admitted that he thought the life of politics would end after his father’s victory in November, but he “couldn’t” stay away.

He also took a shot at his home state of New York, calling it the “People’s Republic of New York.”

“You guys get it,” he said to the Texas crowd. “You understand the freedoms … so many of which we’ve lost where I come from in the peoples’ republic of New York. … I can say that and mean it because I see it.”

Perhaps Trump Jr.’s comments about being unable to stay away from politics, coupled with taking a shot at New York could be foreshadowing something further down the line?

One focus group agreed, with 83% of those who watched Trump Jr.’s speech at the Republican National Convention saying they’d like to see him in political office.

One could only hope. Trump Jr. as mayor of New York City would practically be a carbon copy of his father’s run, having to clean up a mess left behind by a far-left socialist in Bill de Blasio.

If anybody could do it, it’d be a Trump.

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