New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been in a verbal battle with President Trump, insisting that he and his city will never comply with the administration’s attempts to secure our borders and stop sanctuary cities.

De Blasio appeared on CNN to flesh out his reasoning, but ultimately proved reason is not a concept he grasps very well.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked whether or not theft would be a significant enough crime for New York City to cooperate with the feds on immigration law.

That’s when de Blasio proved how insane liberals are… saying that simple theft would not be enough to warrant cooperation or deportation because the thieves might be “the breadwinner in that family.”

Head, meet desk.

Via Legal Insurrection:

If this weren’t so infuriating, it might be funny . . . Appearing on CNN this morning to discuss President Trump’s plan to cut funds to sanctuary cities, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio implied that the city will not cooperate in the deportation of thieves who don’t use violence because they might be the “breadwinners” of their families.

Message to the mayor: thieves aren’t bread “winners.” They are bread stealers. They’re taking bread from the mouths of children whose family earned it legally. In this theater of the absurd, de Blasio held up a list of crimes for which NYC would cooperate with immigration authorities. And non-violent theft is apparently not on the list.

Only in the liberal cesspool of New York City could the act of an illegal immigrant stealing from a U.S. citizen be looked upon as, ‘well they’re just trying to provide for their family.’

It’s absurd to see a mayor for a major U.S. city stump so hard for criminals, instead of his own citizens.

Oddly enough, just months ago thieves stole 29 laptops from right under the noses of Mayor de Blasio’s staff. Instead of shrugging their shoulders and brushing the criminals off, the administration had a police investigation opened to find the culprits.

But they could have just been ‘breadwinners,’ Mr. Mayor!

Comment: Should thieves who’ve entered the country illegally be deported? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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