What’s the argument we’ve heard time and time again from liberals in opposition to common sense voter ID laws? That they’ll disenfranchise minorities from voting, because liberals apparently don’t think those groups are competent enough to obtain an ID on their own.

How liberals think these mythical disenfranchised voters see R-rated movies, purchase alcohol and tobacco, rent hotel rooms, or do any of the countless other things you need a photo ID for remains a mystery.

While Republicans aren’t trying to prevent anyone from voting, liberals are – and they do so in a much more visible manner. To little surprise, the same kind of idiots who think that blocking off a highway qualifies as a protest are more than happy to try to intimidate Trump supporters away from the polls.

In yet another example of the left inciting violence against Donald Trump supporters, graffiti urging death on Trump voters appeared in Boston only two days before Election Day.

A crude spray-painted sign that demands “Kill Your Local Trump Supporter” appeared on Sunday on a wall of a building on St. Alphonsus Street in Boston, the Boston Herald reported.

The defaced building is owned by the Museum of Fine Arts and houses studios and exhibition space. The graffiti is on a wall facing one of the facility’s parking lots.

The violent message was so disgusting, even a Hilary supporter called it “ridiculous.”

“I think it’s ridiculous. It’s violent and unnecessary,” Hillary voter Lovett-Perkins told the paper. “I think it’s overkill on how we view each other as people. It’s outrageous where we’ve gotten to as a nation.”


H/T: Breitbart

And in-case you’ve forgotten, as the mainstream media lectured us on Trump’s “violent rhetoric,” the only ones inciting violence were the liberals at his rallies – which were sent by the Hillary campaign themselves.

Don’t let the bullies win. Get out – vote – and let’s send the media what Michael Moore described as the biggest “f*** you” they’ve ever received.

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