A meme circulating the Internet offers a devastating comparison of the so-called ‘great’ accomplishments of Hillary Clinton, and the actual great accomplishments of past presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Ronald Reagan.

It’d be so much more funny if it weren’t so damn sad.

First, a little backstory reminder of Hillary’s amazing feat this past week.

Via The Federalist Papers:

C.E. Dyer writes that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton doesn’t have time to visit with flood victims in Louisiana, but she has plenty of time to poke fun at the mounting evidence of her serious health issues on late night television.

Clinton made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday when Kimmel brought out a jar of pickles and asked Clinton, “Can you open this jar of pickles?” Kimmel added: “This has not been tampered with.”

Since Clinton has no self-awareness or ability to relate to human beings, she exaggeratedly attempted to be funny by overplaying the joke, appearing as if she was really struggling to open the jar.

And now the brutal meme that puts it all in perspective


H/T: Louder with Crowder

Now, we have to be somewhat fair to the possible future President. Opening a can of pickles isn’t necessarily her greatest accomplishment. There is that time she successfully dodged sniper fire in Bosnia. Or that time she and Bill managed to rebuild after coming out of the White House “dead broke.”

Oh, you wanted real accomplishments?

We’d have to agree with Donald Trump on this one. Trump said that avoiding prosecution for the handling of classified material on a private server “will go down in her career as her single greatest achievement.”

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Comment: President Obama called her the single most qualified person to run for the office in history, but is the current Democratic presidential candidate a joke compared to past presidents? Share your thoughts below.

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