DeSantis Slams Biden For Putting America Last, Begging Saudi Arabia For Oil

Every other week, Americans get another little taste of why many people are talking about a possible 2024 presidential run for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

On Monday, DeSantis spoke at Florida State College in Jacksonville to announce the school as being one of three in the state to launch civics academies for students interested in careers in public service.

While there, DeSantis blasted President Joe Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia with both barrels, and asked why the Biden administration will not tap into energy opportunities here at home.

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DeSantis Calls Out Biden Adm.

During his visit to FSCJ, DeSantis asked a very valid question, while pointing out the absurdity of the Biden administration energy policy.

“How come it’s wrong to produce our own oil and gas here, but you can go to Saudi Arabia and fist-bump to try to get it from Saudi? I mean, it makes no sense that we wouldn’t do it. We have the opportunities here to be energy independent, and not have to worry about any of these other countries, and yet they’re intentionally not doing it.

“You can’t run a modern economy on windmills, you just can’t do it.”

While sharp criticism of the Biden administration might be something other Republicans are afraid to do, DeSantis is not one of them. In fact, Monday’s takedown of Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia to essentially beg for oil and come home empty-handed is not the first time DeSantis has owned Joe Biden.

It has been happening for a while.

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“Best Of” Ron DeSantis Owns

That poor NBC Sports reporter. After what she started, she may be somewhere selling insurance by now.

In October of 2021, while interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown after his first win, a crowd behind him began chanting, “F**k Joe Biden.” The reporter marveled at all the fans chanting “let’s go Brandon.” If she really didn’t know what exactly they were chanting, she was the only person in America who didn’t. 

The phrase took off, and elected officials started saying it. Even Ron DeSantis. Speaking on election security laws, he said this: “If you look at what’s going on with some of the big corporations with their woke agenda, when you look at the Biden – the Brandon administration – in terms of what they’re doing.” The crowd quickly began chanting “let’s go Brandon.”

It got better. In November of 2021, DeSantis signed a series of anti-vaccination mandate bills into law. It seemed the only logical place to do this was at, wait for it, Brandon Honda… in Brandon, Florida. DeSantis stated that, “We are proud to be able to make a stand for freedom in Brandon, Florida.”

Does it keep getting better you ask? Yes. Yes it does. In April, as Joe Biden planned to terminate Title 42, a health policy which enabled the administration to prevent people from entering the country during the COVID pandemic, DeSantis stated that he would fly any illegal immigrants “dumped” in Florida to Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware. 

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DeSantis 2024?

While Republicans and Democrats alike wait for an announcement about 2024 from Donald Trump, the other name being heard more frequently is that of none other than Ron DeSantis. While Trump, who just turned 76 last month, is still sharp and on his game, many see DeSantis as a younger, fresher version of Trump, with the same boldness and spine.

For a large portion of Republicans, they either love or hate Trump. DeSantis seems to appeal to not just those who might be considered “establishment’ types, but also by those who do not want the status quo. A recent New York Times/Siena College poll showed 49% of likely GOP voters would vote for Trump, but DeSantis was their second choice at 25%.

For Ron DeSantis, 2024 could have a number of options. Donald Trump has said that he would definitely consider DeSantis as his running mate. But there are also those who think DeSantis should throw his hat in the ring regardless of a Trump run or not.

Until then, it will just be fun to watch Ron DeSantis keep owning Joe Brand…er…Biden.

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