State Senator Michael Williams might be just one of five Republican candidates running in Georgia’s gubernatorial race, but he’s the only candidate who has a “Deportation Bus.”

Williams announced the “Michael Williams Deportation Bus Tour” on Tuesday, and the campaign is certainly turning a lot of heads. The so-called “Deportation Bus” is a converted school bus that’s been painted in an intimidating palette of black, white, and gray, and features slogans such as “Follow Me to Mexico” and “Danger! Murderers, Rapists, Kidnappers, Child Molesters, and Other Criminals on Board.”

Williams plans to drive the bus through Georgia’s three sanctuary cities, Clarkston, Decatur, and Athens. Breitbart reports that Republican strategist Roger Stone and “other potential high-profile Republicans” will join Williams on the tour.

In his campaign ad announcing the tour, Williams explains that he wants to use the bus to draw attention to little known federal program 287(g), which allows sheriff’s deputies to become deputized as acting ICE agents. The ad was removed by YouTube for “violating” the website’s policy on “hate speech,” but it’s still viewable on Twitter. Watch below.

Williams said last month that, if implemented in Georgia, 287(g) would send a strong message: “don’t come to Georgia is you’re not [here] legally.”

“We have 159 counties in Georgia. Imagine if all these counties had their own acting ICE agents,” Williams said. “So as soon as we identify who these illegal immigrants are, primarily because they have broken yet another [criminal law], we can begin the deportation program or process to get them out of our state and out of our country immediately. We don’t have to wait for anything.”

Expectedly, Williams’s “Deportation Bus” is drawing a fair amount of criticism – even among conservatives. But if we’ve learned anything from Donald Trump’s campaign and his presidency, it’s that a hardline approach is what gets results; and America can’t afford to be anything but hard and firm on illegal immigration.

Anything to the contrary only incentivizes illegals to push the envelope in getting away with more and more and more. The “Deportation Bus” might be brash, but that’s exactly the approach we need to take on illegal immigration.

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UPDATE – YouTube has banned the ad for “hate speech” according to Williams.

I announced the Michael Williams Deportation Bus Tour yesterday and the liberal media is losing their minds over my tour! CBS compared it to Hitler while AJC reporter Greg Bluestein called it a “stunt.”

While I was writing this email, YouTube BANNED my Deportation Bus ad for “Hate Speech”! They will do anything to keep our message from voters like you! This is the same video that aired on FoxNews Channel multiple times today.