I still believe that Americans appreciate a thriving economy.

President Trump gave tax cuts to the American people and deregulation to U.S. companies and business is booming. Wages have increased and are increasing as businesses compete for employees. Americans have choices of where they want to work and what is best for their families. Trump has already won in 2020. But the weak will continue to berate, complain and accuse because that is all they have.

I must have missed the reasons for impeachment, as I have only read that “he deserves it,” but then again, that’s pretty much all they have. Is the trend in politics going to be from now on, if your candidate doesn’t win, “Impeach?”

I think back to when Democrats said Trump would not accept results of 2016 election if he lost. As it turned out, Democrats have not accepted the results, just as they are not accepting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings.

I am used to politicians telling people what they want to hear. But the Democrats are taking this to a whole new level and the news, like always, is not challenging them about their claims. People need to start asking questions and forcing these politicians to answer their claims and how they will accomplish these tasks. People wonder why they are always let down, this is why.

Perhaps those entering Congress should be given a primer on basic civics. I know they quit teaching that as a class in lieu of far left indoctrination, but at least having a fundamental grasp of American governance should be expected from our elected leaders.

The Democrat party has become a radicalized organization intent on controlling the populace through the removal of certain rights, First and Second, Fourth, etc. so they may begin their transition to a socialist nation. They are financed by billionaires, they have indoctrinated the youth through the education system and the entertainment and media sectors are their strong allies. The thing we have in our favor is that we are smarter or at least we claim superiority when it comes to thinking logically and using common sense. If they regain power, they will find a way to retain it, illegally if necessary.

Do we really want people in office that have Trump Derangement Syndrome? What good are they? They have high salaries, do nothing but moan and groan and lie about President Trump. Only a very sick person would try to undo all the great things President Trump has done to turn around the damage Obama did to this country.

If Democrats keep the House and increase their numbers in the Senate with all this winning, the blame will be and should reside on us for not doing our job to move the message of prosperity among our neighborhoods and cities.

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