If the Democrats are going to impeach President Trump come hell or high water, how does that sync up with Nancy Pelosi’s recent announcement that impeachment is off of the table?

I thought that in the end, it was Pelosi’s decision alone to bring an impeachment (or any) vote to the floor. Once again, it looks like she doesn’t have control of the growing radical movement that attempts to consume her power.

What crazy act or behavior by the Leftists/Democrats will finally outrage and demand condemnation of this political group of opportunists? Impeach Trump on unimpeachable grounds? How do you do that? Try to force legislation against the constitutional processes of government? This is sick! Blatantly assassinate the President’s character for 2020? At the cost of destroying your party?

Most of you have to touch the hot stove and found out how much you’ll get burned. The Democrat Party and their ilk are doing the same via politics. They are just about lust for power, demand for absolute control, and never-ending consuming hate for being deterred or being dismissed.

This is what evil does, folks, keeps testing the boundaries of human tolerance and civility and then figure out how to erode and then decimate the human condition.

We, Deplorables already have a degree in “Intuitive Reasoning” stemming from this Russian collusion investigation hoax, and we do not need further explanation of the idiocy of the progressive left. What we need to start is an aggressive prosecution of the perpetrators of this coup against President Trump starting with Barack Obama on down to the lowliest enabling accomplice.

On Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz spoke about what the Democrats were going to go through with their impeachment because President Trump is President Trump.

Actually, this impeachment attempt may be a good thing. Democrats are attempting to define themselves as the party that will take down Trump, as opposed to the party with ideas and an ideology that resonate with the majority of Americans.

But one thing that I do know, as a man who believes in thinking things through, is that Democrats have not even begun to consider what this rabid, baseless attack is going to do to them the next time we elect a president from their party. They have fundamentally altered the rules of etiquette and engagement, and the Republicans will return fire, or they will all be thrown out of office and replaced by someone who will.

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