The lesson from the Democrat Party is, if this “racist nation” dares to re-elect Donald Trump, then they are going to burn it all down.

Despite the Democrats’ incessant calls for a national conversation about race, they don’t know what to say. They’re just the grand champions of accusing others.

And despite years of holding itself out as the party to address racism, Democrats don’t know what to do about fixing it.

Especially since George Floyd’s death, it’s not uncommon for many of my neighbors to have a “Stop Racism” sign posted in their front yard. To which, I think, “yes, by all means.”

And your plan for doing so is what, exactly?

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Systemic Racism Where?

Can any Democrat show me an example of modern systemic racism, in 2020? As in a law, statute, or legal, organizational policy?

Tell me, is it just one of those things that exists only because we say it over and over again, like WMDs?

I personally feel like conservatives should spend more time explicitly and aggressively attacking the casual use of this phrase.

It’s use has the power to create a belief that something which is not defined or measured, and therefore unprovable AND unsolvable,  incontrovertibly exists simply because we’ve always remembered people saying that it does.

Don’t Believe the Dem Hysteria About Trump or Anything Else

As for the incessant claims from Democrats that our democratic system being under threat, the question is, by whom? Obama’s lawless Dreamer’s initiative? The authoritarian response to COVID?

By the way, our system isn’t a democracy, but a representative republic designed precisely to avoid the kind of mob rule that is occurring in the streets in so many cities.

I can only lament the need of many of the so-called mainstream journalists that take every chance they can to bash Trump.

Like Clinesmith, the FBI lawyer who doctored an email to avoid admitting to the FISA court that it had been lied to repeatedly, Never Trumpers in the media can’t stomach fessing up to their serious misjudgments.

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Learn This Lesson, Please

The Democrats went ballistic about Trump being elected, and launched three years of relentless obstacles, hearings, and lawsuits – and now claim that Trump is causing “divisiveness.”

Democrats are in charge of all of the major cities and have seen riots tear them apart – but, well. Nevermind. It must be Trump’s fault.

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The whole duplicity of the Democrats is reaching absurdity. Last night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo accused Tim Scott of carrying water for Donald Trump. This, from the brother (and water-carrier) of the ultra-Democrat politician!

For Tim Scott’s part, a politician from the same party as the president has some understandable role in helping his party.

On the other hand, Cuomo is a so-called journalist. He isn’t supposed to be carrying water for anyone. The projection is so real, isn’t it?

Dems accuse Republicans of what they do themselves, and the more vehemently they make the accusation, the more it actually applies to themselves.

Still Don’t See the Grand Picture?

When will the folks on our side listen and understand? What is it going to take for the lesson to sink in? Everything the Democrats and their pals in the media are doing leads up to one thing.

The lesson from the Democrat Party is, if this racist nation dares to re-elect Donald Trump, then we are going to burn it down!

Imagine what the streets will be like on the day of Trump’s second inauguration.

Joe Biden did mention the burning of our cities during his DNC address. He said he’d bring light. It’s entirely possible to read Democrat propaganda rags in the light of a burning furniture store, so I guess Joe has delivered.