Democrats Never Thought Letting ‘Comrade Bernie’ Slither Into Their Camp Would Destroy Their Party

I really do have faith in the American people to make the right choice in 2020, but let me make this point: If Bernie Sanders is the nominee for the Democrats, it won’t be super easy for President Trump.

The popularity of these leftists is pretty much all propaganda. They are all running on abortion, giving free stuff to people who are illegally here, and constantly telling white folks that you’re the problem with America. If anyone of these morons does win the presidency, it will likely be because they cheated.

We noticed how the Democrat leadership has put up with the commie crazies because they pulled in some votes with so many elections being very close; it made the difference between victory and loss. What the heads of the Democratic National Committee never considered is that these idiots would take over that party. This is a perfect fulfillment of the old proverb about letting the camel stick its nose inside the tent.

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Let me make this one point clear; If “Crazy Bernie” wins the presidency, he will attempt to burn down the United States.

We often hear, “This is the most important election in…” This one is.

Just listen to his intentions for his first 100 days. Listen to his insane, but very dedicated and passionate supporters, like Kyle Jurek, an absolute revolutionary, talking about re-education camps and killing those who resist.

There are others in his campaign, caught by Project Veritas, who espouse similar views. Sanders responded crickets. Why? Because they got their ideas from him, and he approves of this message.

Politicians say all sorts of crazy things that their supporters believe that they never get done. Bernie’s floor is 47 percent, as pointed out by Mitt Romney. Find 4 percent of people who are “angry” (haters gotta hate), and he wins. If the deplorables stay home as they did in 2018, Bernie will be free to Bern the country. The problem of going full socialist for a party is that it is hard to back off of giving free stuff. It is easy to give, hard to take away.

Here are my predictions: Joe Biden will flame out in South Carolina. He may win, but it will be by a slim margin if he does. He and his campaign will effectively be over, but he will soldier on nonetheless.

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If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, he will not run as a third-party candidate, because billionaire Mike Bloomberg will probably buy him off and if that doesn’t happen, the DNC will do it. History shows that Bernie and his support isn’t all that expensive to buy. But the Bernie Bros. will sit out the election and Bloomberg will lose. I am not predicting; however, what the Dems will do at the Democratic Convention. It’s hard to forecast with a plurality of the party insane or on the verge of it.

I always thought Trump would be re-elected for many reasons, but it only works if his people get off their duffs and vote. Vote, vote, and vote again, if you have to, if this lunatic wins the Democrat nomination to save us, for at least another four years.

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