The black voter is always standing in the shadow of the Democrats.

It seems that blends in, hardly noticed until the voting time, with the Continental/Union Army threatening to burn down the plantation. Emancipation is derided as some Yankee trick.

Why wouldn’t the slave to perpetual victimhood want the opportunity to be free to think and choose? He does, but the masters on the Democrat plantation wish to restrict his education.


How many times he was promised freedom which allows a man to learn, to seek, to try, fail, try again and unconstrained by pernicious laws to succeed, but…? Too many. Success happens when you allow a man to fish.

Leaving the Democrat plantation is liberating.

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During an interview with The Breakfast Club, a popular urban radio program, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden uttered the words “you ain’t black” if they didn’t vote for him.

Biden’s “curse” has no power. For those POC who might believe that by voting for Trump, they are suddenly cursed with white skin; it is not true.

I say this only to inform those who might have taken him literally. It is merely words meant to keep you from understanding that your freedom has already been paid for, and you are under no obligation to anyone but only obligated to yourself to reach higher.

To be the best you can be.


The black community, as well as some of the Hispanic community, has been controlled by the Democrats, the internet and citizen journalists have opened our eyes.

I was a long life Democrat, but around 2007 I started to question the media and Democratic Party and soon left it.

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The blacks and the Hispanics politicians under Democrats serve the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and not the people, sad to say.

This matter concerning Biden just shows he is unqualified to run for or be president of this country. As a “Democrat,” he is a perfect example of what they are. Biden has nothing to offer to African-Americans. Still, he thinks they owe him and are obligated to vote for him, just because Joe is the current Democrat candidate for the presidency in this November’s general election.

While I think the “Democrats” will drop him before the election, I hope it takes them some time to do that.

Given the apparent state of his mental capacity, Biden would crumble under the burdens it places on him. Besides, I think most African-Americans can see that Donald Trump has done much in his first term to earn their votes. If African-Americans want their votes to matter, I believe their better choice over the next four years would be to vote for Trump in November.

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Trump is the better choice to help the country through the current coronavirus pandemic, and get the country safely on track to get the economy he had booming before this crisis began.

I can’t get all worked up over this. This is ol’ Joe as he has always been, at least as people around here know it. Democrats have been giving the dope a pass for 40 years. They may finally have to deal with it, but I can’t believe that until I see it.