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Democrats Continue To Blame Border Crisis On Trump By Blocking His Efforts To Protect Americans

The Democratic Party is the real crisis in this country.

The Democrats will block any effort to stop the flow of illegals, defend loopholes in our laws to allow illegals to abuse asylum claims, use the courts to force our government to release captured illegals as they await hearings they’ll never attend — and the say President Trump is responsible for the current crisis?

The Democratic “resistance movement” where Democrats are lockstep in their voting, all voting “no” to all Republican bills, is a definite action to stop normal lawmaking actions within the US Congress. Democrats are deliberately obstructing the normal operations of the US Congress.

What makes things worse is how the opposition media, a platform that many Americans rely on, always lie to us. If Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer do not immediately fund the wall construction program, the American people will learn to blame them forever, and they should be condemned. The only reason Democrats have refused to protect the American people by funding the wall is that they wanted to humiliate our elected president.

Some question are they receiving bribes from the drug cartels. Is that the reason? It’s the only thing that makes sense. The last Mexican president was exposed to receiving 100 million dollars from the Mexican drug cartels. It’s a small world, folks. When you are selling political favors, there’s big money out there. Ask the Clintons about their “Global Initiative.” No one can prove it when it comes from outside our borders.

Congress has had their changes for decades to take care of the border situation and what Pelosi and her House of Cards refuse to tell their voters is this is a systematic problem has reared it’s ugly head again,

Our public servants, elected in both parties cannot keep their oaths, responsibilities, or moral compasses in check long enough to do right by America and immigrants. Open borders and policies that create or enhance them are globalist utopian pipe dreams. Unchecked immigration is bad for the host country and natives of that country period. In America’s case it is unsustainable economically and a humanitarian nightmare of epic proportions.

Death, disease, slavery, drugs, rape, overdoses, shattered families all occur on both sides of the border with Mexico as a direct and indirect result of illegal immigration. The reported stats are not representative of the real carnage and misery this crisis creates. Immigration reform will only be possible when the border is fully secure, and the illegals already in the country are dealt with entirely — mass deportations with some degree of amnesty after securing the border. Then, the revamped immigration laws must include all immigration.

We need lawmakers to be serious about not accepting more flights in from known terrorist supporting hotspots because of some government program nobody heard of that uses taxpayer dollars to boot. It’s time Congress, the Federal Courts, and any other agency involved started working for America and Americans again. Whatever is done will surely be too little and way too late.

Leave it to politicians to create, increase, and capitalize on a crisis. Then, say it doesn’t exist until it does before they blame it on their opponents.

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