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Democratic Rep. Katie Hill Denies Affair With Congressional Aide, But Not Affair With Campaign Staffer

Peter Hasson on October 22, 2019

Democratic California Rep. Katie Hill on Tuesday denied having an extramarital affair with a male congressional staffer, but did not deny having such an affair with a female campaign staffer.

Hill blamed her ongoing “divorce from an abusive husband” for allegations that she had affairs with the two staffers in a statement released to Politico.

Red State first revealed Hill’s alleged relationships with the two staffers in an Oct. 18 article that included a nude photo of Hill brushing the female campaign staffer’s hair.

Hill called allegations that she was having an affair with legislative director Graham Kelly “absolutely false,” but didn’t deny having an affair with the female campaign staffer. The first-term congresswoman blamed a “coordinated effort to try to destroy me and people close to me” for the affair allegations.

“Intimate photos of me and another individual were published by Republican operatives on the internet without my consent,” she said, adding that she “notified Capitol Hill police who are investigating the situation and potential legal violations of those who posted and distributed the photos, and therefore will have no further comment on the digital materials.”

Hill’s Republican challenger in the 2020 election, Angela Underwood Jacobs, called for Hill to resign Tuesday. Jacobs said the alleged affairs “could have put our nation at risk due to her heightened potential to be blackmailed.”

“I implore Ms. Hill to resign not only from her role on the Oversight Committee, but also from her post as our Congresswoman,” Jacobs added.

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  • I respect you point of view, but I really cannot agree. During my youth I dated a few ladies from my workplaces and do not think there is anything wrong with that. Unless there is a company rule prohibiting it, of course. Therefore, if there is a specific regulation on that kind of relationship she must be held accounted for braking it. As far as what is considered, or not, an ethic behavior is in each one's heart. To me what matters to people representing me is honesty, competency and integrity, as I expressed above. I am much more worried about the scores of catholic priests abusing children... still must people still go to their churches.... Finally, I do agree with you 100% that our politicians are a total failure, no matter the party affiliation. Be well!

  • The photos for this story that I saw were clearly taken by a third person, most likely her husband. The female campaign staffer. Ms. Hill and husband were in a ménage à trois for about 2 years, hardly what would be considered 'an affair' since 'affair' implies that the spouse is not aware. It was only after Ms. Hill moved to DC and apparently told her husband and the staffer that she wished to be alone for a while that the husband filed for divorce. It would seem that the exposure of Ms. Hill's sexual relationship falls in the category of 'revenge porn'. Considering how prevalent 'extramarital' sex is among the general population, celebrities, the rich and powerful, and politicians of every stripe I really doubt that there is any actual 'blackmail' potential.

  • Yes, what concerns her in her private life. However, not when it overlaps her public position. In any government position, such an affair or one of a similar situation that involves a supervisor and subordinate is a misconduct issue, covered under the code of regulations and rules of ethical behavior. This is not OK. We pay their salaries! We expect a higher standard of ethical behavior and adherence to the rules, established law and regulations! Most of what we have in Congress is a failure to the public they represent!

  • I am a conservative, but not a fanatic. Although my gender "preferences" are traditional I really do not care about what other adult people do in their private lives, if consensual. The important qualities to be cherished should be integrity and competency. I don't think she has either - as most, or all, politicians. Nevertheless, she would be left alone in what concerns her private live. Just my opinion.

  • My first thoughts. The sex slush fund may be depeated since once it's existence became public a mob of women came forth with their hand out screaming someone would not give up thier seat on a bus for them. Just saying....

  • Is the sexual misbehavior hush fund been depleted? I'm not sure why this is even a story coming out of DC. Of course if she was Republican, it would be front page news. But she's a Dem, so nothing to see here.

  • If you were in the corporate world and had an affair with a staff member that reported directly to you there would be no question about what would happen. You would be fired immediately. Somehow in the political realm we get to include the excuses of abusive husbands and it wasn't a male staffer. #double standard much?

  • If every politician who had such affairs resigned; there would be possibly three or four left AND that would be a GOOD THING>

  • If this was a man who was doing an OTHER man and he was a REPUBLICAN or woman doing a woman and she was a REPUBLICAN the democratics would be calling for that OFFICIALS RESIGNATION!! NO OFFICIAL should be involved with staff no matter WHO it is. Black mail is very rampant in DC.

    JUSTICE!!!!! REPRESENTATIVE Katie Hill you have to RESIGN or you must be fired for this bad

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