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Democrat Candidate Pepper-Spray’s Self for Gun Control

Levi Tillemann, a progressive Democrat running for the House in Colorado, is taking an interesting new approach to pushing gun control. (RELATED: Does Gun Control Really Work? Here’s Proof That the Answer Is No).

A new campaign ad from Levi’s campaign begins by showing a woman questioning the logic of allowing teachers to own guns. Then the video transitions to a man who tells us that “More American students have died in school shootings in 2018, than U.S. combat operations. We need common sense gun control” he continues.

His statistic is technically true, as there were 26 students killed in school shootings this year, compared to 13 deaths in combat operations. Of course, such a statistical exercise is extremely misleading, given that there are over 50 million American schoolchildren, but “only” 1.3 million active military personnel.

The video was off to an odd start, especially given the juxtaposition of the supposed “absurdity” of allowing teachers to carry guns in school with the problem of school shootings. Do they think it’s the teachers doing the shootings?

Things got only weirder when Levi comes on screen, and we learn his “solutions.” Leftists are famous for calling for “common sense gun control” without ever defining what that even means, but apparently spraying oneself in the face with pepper spray is on the list.

OK – I’m being a bit facetious here. Levi is arguing that we should arm teachers with pepper spray, before shooting himself in the face with it to prove its effectiveness.

Watch below:

To be fair, arming all teachers with pepper spray wouldn’t be a bad idea even if we were to arm teachers (as even if teachers were allowed to carry guns, the overwhelming majority would not). Yes, resisting a school shooter with pepper spray is better than literally nothing, but to pretend that it’s just as effective as a firearm is delusional. Pepper spray would force a teacher to run towards and confront a shooter within a relatively short radius, too, which most would not do for obvious reasons.

The video ends with more bogus statistics – claiming that there have been over 100 mass public shootings this year, and over 20 school shootings. Included in those exaggerated numbers are mostly unintentional shootings, and a BB-gun shooting even makes the list of anyone who bothered to dive into the numbers.

Can the Left ever not lie on the issue of guns?