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Democrat Admits: We’re Going to Pay for Kavanaugh Accusations in November

A former CIA Operations Officer and member of the Democrat party admits that his colleagues overplayed their hand in the Kavanaugh abuse story, citing polling that suggests neither side of the political aisle has changed their opinion on the matter.

The left needed a scandal so overwhelming that it convinced some Republicans to stop the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Instead, they got a purely partisan effort that hasn’t persuaded either side to shift their opinions. A recent poll demonstrates that 73 percent of Democrats said they believe Ford’s testimony, while 74 percent of Republicans said they believe Kavanaugh.

Independents, at a 33 percent clip said they believed Ford, while 32 percent said they believed Kavanaugh.

In other words, the earth-shattering shift in opinion never happened. The hearings were a wash.

What’s worse, writes Bryan Dean Wright, is that the vile attempts by his party to smear the judge have “awakened a Republican giant.”

Just in time for the midterm elections.

The ‘blue wave’ predictions from pundits have been largely based on energy and turnout forecasts which had appeared to help Democrats.

Wright believes the effort to take down Kavanaugh has lit a fire under those Republicans who considered sitting out the election this November, thus taking away that advantage.

“Republicans are now aflame with outrage,” he accurately states.

“Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Braveheart-like performance at the Kavanaugh hearing was the most moving, to be sure, but anecdotal reading of conservative media, intellectuals and Twitter feeds confirm that the Democratic assault has awakened a Republican giant.”

Indeed, Kavanaugh’s emotional and impassioned opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee defending his name, his character, his honor, and his family, was the initial spark.

“Your coordinated and well-funded effort to destroy my good name and destroy my family will not drive me out,” he seethed. “You may defeat me in the final vote but you’ll never get me to quit. Never.”

Graham’s enraged attack on his Democrat colleagues added some much-needed fuel to the fire.

Graham not only talked the talked, he walked the walk later demanding a “full-scale” investigation into Democrats leaders or their colleagues as to who was responsible for leaking the questionable accusations made by Christine Blasey Ford.

“The strategy of Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein has utterly backfired,” Wright added. “A Republican surge is underway.”

If that happens, he believes Democrats would be reaping what they have sown.

“If Democrats thus fall short this November, they will suffer the rightful consequences of using the victims of sexual assault to advance a political agenda,” Wright claimed.

There is no demographic the Democrat party isn’t willing to exploit in order to achieve their political agenda. Will they pay for it this time?

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, and more.

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  • Could it be any more clear what is going on in this country....SOROS and his open society agenda has indoctrinated the universities.Banned from his own country he pumped millions into our nation to further the new world order agenda. Trump is an outsider, not part of the cabal and fighting against the industrial complex who Kennedy warned us about in his speech before the deep state killed him. Clinton is corrupt to the core and colluded with the Russians(fake dossier) and (uranium one) gave classified information freely to China should be tried for treason. Comey is dirty, McCabe is dirty, Obama was in bed with the Hildebeast. Not literally of course because he's really gay and a fake and fraud. Kavanaugh was set up.AND anyone with values and morals is crucified. IF CHRIST WERE ALIVE TODAY THE DEEP STATE SATAN WORSHIPERS WOULD HAVE HAD HIM CRUCIFIED IN HALF THE TIME

  • And the Kavanaugh perfidy is the tiniest tip of the iceberg that is the sum total of demoncrap dishonesty, hypocrisy, fraud and (even) murder (see bildo and hildo for specifics). Have fun and good hunting.

  • I think Ford and her accomplices should not be allowed to save face. Ford should face a very serious investigation into who she works for and who paid off whom; when and where. We already know the why. In fact all the principal players in this debacle should be investigated.

  • The danger now is that the liberals will go to ANY extent at the midterm election. Getting illegals or anyone not qualified to vote. You need a photo id to go to a doctor, get welfare, a credit card, etc. but you don't need one to VOTE?? It's really time for Republicans to man-up.

  • Wright is a fake Democrat that Fox News uses when it needs a member of the "Democrat Party" to trash Democratics and agree with Trump.
    In recent Fox appearances ,he said:
    "I am a Democrat but
    “have to adopt policies that are centrist and accommodating”;
    “must accept that open borders are not fiscally sustainable”;
    should be wary of joining NFL protests and need to know that “Trump is right to say that sports stars like Kaepernick aren’t helping the nation’s racial divide when they take a knee in protest of America’s cops”;
    should stop saying Islam is “a religion of peace”;
    are wrong to dismiss Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) FBI memo; and
    should realize that Trump is right on North Korea.
    but I've got to admit it's Trump 2, Dems 0.
    but it's time for our party to apologize to America

    It's a gimmick, which gets Wright gigs and gives the Republicans a way to claim that the Democrats are on Trump's side.

  • No one had the nerve to ask Dr. ford IF she ever had electro shock treatments. She has been a troubled individual since childhood. Memory is destroyed in many cases by shock treatments. they work in many cases for depression and anxiety so maybe she had them but no one had the nerve to ask. If her lawyers knew about this and still put her on public display they should be disbarred for representing the Democrats and NOT their client. Just failure to give her the options from the Committee about coming to her in confidence was an act of depravity that should be addressed by the State Bar Association. Democrats have sunk so low in tis case that anything is not surprising.

  • I actually think this analysis is vastly underestimating the backlash of pent up frustration against the "resistance" movement adhered to by the Democrat Party. This is the icing on the cake and the final straw.

    Trump won the election and is delivering on his promises and working for the American public. He is crude and rude. He indulges in salesman talk and is over the top at times.
    But he is far, far better then all the do nothings who comport themselves so elegantly by saying and doing nothing. IF he had some bipartisan support Pres. Trump could have done so much more for the nation. The Democrats with their resistance and the enabling media have, for their own purposes, tried to cripple the nation's economic growth and keep people unemployed and relatively poor and on food stamps. Their Party goals ARE more important then the nations citizens. They are not working for a better country BUT to acquire more power and control.

    I hope they are wiped out of existence and we evolve to two Parties, the Republicans and the Conservatives with a small group of Dems for the radical liberals to rally around. Then lets see what this nation wants when they go to vote. Media will have a full meltdown.

  • The Democrats or the socialist Democrat party has Has always used any means to achieve their goal. Lying, intimidation, illegal votes, aggressive in your face actions, violence and when all else fails murder, It will happen,
    cc 24/7

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