Dem Strategist: Hillary is WORRIED–May Lose Iowa & NH

Hillary Clinton apparently is concerned that the failures of her 2008 primary will repeat in 2016. The damage control and push to lower expectations has already begun as concerns mount that she will lose to Bernie Sanders, a self-described Socialist.


Democratic strategist Maria Cardona said on ABC’s This Week that nobody should be surprised if Hillary Clinton loses Iowa and New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders. Cardona who said she is a Hillary supporter believes that the former First Lady will still win the Democratic nomination but is clearly tempering expectations. Sanders has been drawing large crowds. This must be seen as a threat by the Clinton campaign and a massive roadblock to the Presidency, for which she seems so entitled.

“We shouldn’t be surprised that there is so much enthusiasm for him, and in fact, we shouldn’t be surprised if he does very well in New Hampshire or in Iowa and perhaps even wins. I think this is good for the Democratic Party.… As a Hillary supporter, I think she will be the nominee, but she will be that much better of a nominee and that much better of a general election candidate because of Bernie.”

Republican strategist Sara Fagen didn’t allow Cardona to spin Sanders making Hillary strong in a general election, should she manage to defeat the 73 year old Vermont Senator. Fagen reminded viewers that the Democratic base has moved significantly farther to the left than Republicans have moved to the right. Sanders’ extreme views represent and motivate the voters Hillary needs to win the nomination. To court them, she will also need to move to the left. Fagen believes this would make Hillary unelectable in a general election.

If Sanders uses Hillary’s multiple scandals against her, the mainstream media would be forced to cover her many political blemishes. This could have some serious implications with Independent voters if she grasps the nomination after a challenging primary.

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H/T: Washington Free Beacon


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