I went to a public high school. It was a select school that only enrolled children who were serious about their education. We were graded on a different, more demanding scale.

The racial makeup of the school reflected the percentage of minorities within the city it was located. Blacks and whites made up nearly 1,500 students. The school was in the country and wasn’t too city-tough, but we did have our deviants.

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We had one security guard. He was narcoleptic. We had very little trouble because if you caused trouble, you were sent back to whatever hellish school was your home school. None of us wanted that, but that threat is not what pulled the student body together.

Sports helped some because we had teams that competed for state championships. The binding agent within the student body, particularly in my graduating class, is that we all were determined to make our lives better. That drive didn’t divide racially.

We had dust-ups. Sometimes, it was a white kid and a black kid. It was never a big deal. We have pulled apart and taken to the principals’ offices. We were reminded about that school policy about troublemaking and poor grades, swatted with the Board of Education, made to make a sincere apology to one another, and sent back to the classrooms with our tails hurting.

I attended a class reunion a while ago. It was grand to see my old classmates. The old cliques were gone. We were just glad to see each other and see that so many of us were still alive. The black guy and I who decked it out in the hall so many years ago shared the story and the laughs with our wives.

We were taught to be Americans and to be citizens. We all wanted something more in our lives.

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Modern schools exacerbate what divides us. They teach children that other people have to modify their behavior before they can succeed. They are taught to disrespect too much for me to list here. They are taught to hate their country and to embrace an ideology that only brings despair.

I don’t like to read about segregating schools. What I do know is that people will not put up with poor education and violence in a school system. They will leave, either by moving or by making the financial sacrifice of private education. The concern I have is the children of families who can do neither. They get left in the maelstrom, and they are not the ones who sowed the wind.


The schools are driving away their students, and that might be a very good thing. Interest in Homeschooling has surged, and once parents see how well their kids like it, and how much they learn, the surge will continue.

Getting kids out of those communist indoctrination centers is a great thing. Meanwhile, I do not wish any physical harm to those students stuck in public school districts.

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The public education system is a disaster. It’s that way because leftists have seized control of them.

Defunding the police is a dumb and absurd idea. Defunding indoctrination via public schools is a great idea. All of the kids that are currently destroying our cities are products of this indoctrination.

Don’t you wish for yesterday?