Dean Cain Fights Back Against ‘War On Christmas’ With New Faith-Based Movie

Dean Cain
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The former “Superman” star Dean Cain is defying the liberal world of Hollywood to star in a new Christmas movie that celebrates faith.

Cain Talks New Christmas Movie

“Christmas, for me, is one of those things outside of any religious connotation, which … I think it’s very important: the birth of Jesus and celebrating his birth,” Cain, 57, told Fox News. “But if it’s outside of that, just for everyone to reach out to everyone, it’s a time for families to come together. It’s a time to reflect on the past year and things that’s been going on in life. And it makes it a wonderful, wonderful time.”

“There’s been a lot of talk about a war on Christmas,” he continued. “I just want to celebrate Christmas, I want to love my family, I want to be with everybody.”

That’s why Cain decided to star in “Bringing Back Christmas,” which is described as “a fun and inspiring holiday story of Faith, perseverance, and Angelic intervention.”

Cain explained that in this film, he plays a “callous jerk” who lays off employees right before Christmas.

“Then [the main character played by Mark Christopher Lawrence] meets an angel and has to go on this trip back … in time to Bethlehem,” Cain said.

“I guess there’s a little bit of a Scrooge element to it, but it’s more about like seeing what was going on Christmastime back in the day when it was baby Jesus,” he continued. “But it’s done with a very humorous, humorous twist.”

Check out a trailer for “Bringing Back Christmas” in the video below.

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Cain Hosting Family For Christmas

Cain, who has long been one of the only openly conservative stars in Hollywood, fled the liberal world of California earlier this year to move to Las Vegas, Nevada, and he’s excited to host his family for Christmas at his new home.

“I’ve got all [the] family coming this year,” he said. “So, I moved this year from California to Las Vegas, or just outside in Henderson. Big, beautiful house, it’s all decorated up. … Everybody’s coming out.”

“I can’t wait to have everybody here and just spend time together as a family and just celebrate each other and celebrate being together and have that warmth and wonderful time together,” he added. “I just cannot wait for it.”

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California’s ‘Ridiculous’ Tax Situation

Cain went on to say that he isn’t surprised that many celebrities have fled California, given how liberals have been running the state.

“I think there’s a number of people, big stars, that have moved out of Hollywood. And I understand why,” he said. “California’s tax situation is ridiculous. You know, 13.2 or 13.4% is the top tax bracket … that bracket is very, very high.”

“There’s no state income tax, personal state income tax in the state of Nevada,” he continued. “That’s a huge saving right off the top. The energy tax … other taxes are less, property taxes, sales tax, I mean, you name it. There’s so many things that are less.”

These days, Cain is loving his new life in Nevada, and he’s pushing for film studios to move to the state.

“I’d love to be asleep in my bed here and go to work,” he concluded. “That’d be wonderful.”

If you love Cain as much as we do, be sure to check out “Bringing Back Christmas,” which is now streaming on Amazon, Apple TV, Vudu, and more!

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