David Hogg Tries To Attack Trump By Saying His Grandfather Was ‘Part Of The Antifa Forces’ Who Fought In WWII

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On Monday, Parkland shooting survivor and outspoken gun control activist David Hogg compared both police and Trump’s administration officials to fascists, basically saying during World War II his grandfather fought with “antifa” against similar forces.

David Hogg Tweets Something REALLY Stupid

Hogg suggested that Trump was calling his grandfather and other World War II veterans “terrorists” when the President said Antifa should be designated as a terrorist organization.

“My grandpa was part of the Antifa forces in WWII sad Donald Trump has labeled him and his fellow vets as terrorists,” Hogg tweeted.

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It didn’t take long for Twitter to torch Hogg for making such an outlandish statement.

For starters, actual Antifa vandalized the World War II memorial.

Twitter Takes Hogg Down Hard

The takes kept coming.


And don’t forget, David Hogg is supposed to be a highly-educated Harvard boy!


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Make No Mistake: Antifa are Terrorists

Trump has claimed the far-left Antifa movement is responsible for violent demonstrations across America, where looting and mayhem continues to unfold. Every individual and business has become their target.

In other words, they are carrying out terrorism.

The protests are supposed to be raising awareness about police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, but for a group like Antifa, it has appeared to be a grand opportunity to hijack this cause for their own socialist, anti-capitalist agenda.

It has also been an opportunity for some left activists to say some really stupid things that they might soon regret.

Ask David Hogg.

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