Dave Chappelle: “I Don’t Look at Trump Supporters as My Enemy”

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In an interview in which he discussed his support for 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, the comedian Dave Chappelle said that he doesn’t look at Trump supporters as his enemy.

“I Understand Why People Voted for Trump”

“I like Andrew’s pragmatism,” Chappelle told reporters in Ames, Iowa.

“I don’t look at Trump supporters as my enemy at all. I understand why people voted for Trump. I understand people are desperate. And I think that Andrew is right you run against the reasons that Trump got elected,” Chappelle continued, going on to highlight that he has a broad appeal across the political spectrum, both professionally and personally.

“I got friends on both sides of the political aisle, I got fans on both sides of the political aisle,” Chappelle said.

Chappelle explained that he was backing Yang because he saw him as having a number of good ideas.

“A lot of people say professionally it’s not wise to support any candidate, but this idea is so good, that I think it should exist,” he explained.  “And I think the fountainhead of many of the good ideas on the table this year are coming from a single source — Andrew Yang. And for some reason, no one’s paying attention. This guy is the origin of a platform that really does address where I think the country needs to go.”

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Chappelle Understands America

Chappelle endorsed Yang earlier this month, and pledged to do a number of shows in aid of his campaign. This should not come as a shock to anyone – Chappelle is really an old school liberal who likes to poke fun at everyone equally, and certainly doesn’t bow down to political correctness. His only two options on the Democrat field who are at least trying to reach across the aisle would be Yang or Sen. Tulsi Gabbard – everyone else constantly panders to the progressive left and outrage mob.

Both of them are also the only ones to have truly defended free speech, something that Chappelle holds dear in his heart. In his acceptance speech for the Mark Twain Award at the start of January, he fiercely defended the First Amendment, and declared stand-up comedy to be an “incredibly American genre”:

I don’t think any other country can produce this many comedians. Unbeknownst to many people in this audience, I don’t think there’s opinion that exists in this country that is not represented in a comedy club by somebody… I know comics that are very racist, and I watch ’em on stage, and everyone’s laughin’, I’m like, that motherf***** means it. Don’t get mad at ’em, don’t hate ’em, we go upstairs and have a beer and sometimes I even appreciate the artistry that they paint their racist opinions with. Man, it’s not that serious. The First Amendment is first for a reason. The Second Amendment is just in case the first one doesn’t work out.

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If more of our comedians and entertainers were like Chappelle, who’s not afraid to poke fun at every issue, I think this country would be a lot more united politically than it is today. People are sick and tired of being ranted at by liberal elites who hate them for thinking differently. Dave Chappelle is a much needed breath of fresh air in this toxic environment.
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