Dana Loesch has sparked fire from the Left after releasing a new “Time’s Up” ad promoting her new show on NRATV. “Time’s Up” was a slogan at this year’s Golden Globes in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations, which opened up the floodgates to accusations throughout the entertainment industry.

“We’ve had enough of the lies, the sanctimony, the arrogance, the hatred, the pettiness, the fake news,” she says in the new spot. “So to every lying member of the media, to every Hollywood phony, to the role model athletes who use their free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represents, to the American politics and who would rather let America burn than lose one ounce of their personal power…”

Loesch then flips over an hourglass, a dig at the “Time’s Up” movement. On Twitter, NRATV posted the video with the hashtag #Oscars90, so it would appear alongside others related to the award ceremony.

The ad also called out MSNBC hosts Joy-Ann Reid, Joe Scarborough, and Mika Brzezinski, CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times for their politicized coverage of firearms.

And, as you’d expect, liberals were really, really unhappy with the ad. A number of people accused the promo of “threatening terrorism.”

Scott Porch, a writer for Playboy (how prestigious!) asked Loesch to be “be more specific about what happens when the clock runs out,” to which Loesch responded that it represents when her show starts.

“Whew. I though maybe you were gonna shoot somebody!” Porch responded. In turn Loesch pointed out that only her opponents have been threatening violence.

“No, those are the anti-2A progressives in my timeline saying that, sadly,” she responded. “Have a great Sunday.”

As of this writing, there has not been a single NRA member responsible for a mass public shooting.

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