Dan Crenshaw Scorches Hillary Clinton On Cheap Joke

She again proves why she would have made a horrible president.

Crenshaw Hillary Clinton

Just when the country needs unity and many of all opinions are pulling together, there is at least one person who is only out to score cheap political points.

Surprise! It’s Hillary Clinton. When the nation’s death toll rose to higher levels she tweeted on Friday, referring to the president, “He did promise America First.”

GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas shot back Sunday and his words are devastating. Fox News reports, “One of the things I talk a lot about is outrage culture and this newfound issue where we find the worst of each other, and we question each other’s intentions, and that happens all the time in politics…but now is not the time to do that… There is a pandemic going on and somebody like Hillary Clinton is so used to taking political jabs at the president or her political opponents any time there’s an outcome that is unfortunate, but this isn’t the time. This is a tragedy for all Americans and the entire world.”

He directly told her, in regards to Twitter, “Delete your account. This isn’t the time. This can’t be the new normal, where American tragedy is applauded for the sake of political opportunism… It’s going to be easy to take swipes at each other and easy to have very disingenuous criticisms of each other and moralize against each other—but we can’t do that. We have to do this together.”

He concluded by taking the fight to her and her loathsome views: “You know, we ramped up testing to an enormous degree in this country, which is why our cases are so high, Hillary Clinton… Now, let’s celebrate this stuff. Let’s work together, let’s stop looking for cheap political jabs to take at each other and actually get through this.”

Crenshaw stands for most of us of sound mind. In this time she must get over her hate and bitterness and do something she is unaccustomed to: Work for the good of the country.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on March 31, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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