This Baby on a Plane Wasn’t Going to Play Along With the Ride Until…..

crying baby plane

Most of us have had that airplane ride from hell where we are seated beside a baby or near a crying infant that disturbs the whole flight. There’s really nothing that we can do about it but just accept it, put on our earphones, and turn up the music.

The baby in this story was very fussy and didn’t want to play nice with his parents, but then a hero emerged and saved the whole flight!

From InspireMore:

Evan Hughes was having a seriously tough time with his 8-month-old son after being separated from his wife in Chicago due to inclement weather. The duo were forced to take different flights, and Evan, being a good husband, decided to take their son with him.

It was only his son’s second [flight], so the little guy was understandably fussy. All was going surprisingly well when his son decided he just had to meet the stranger sitting next to them on the [flight.]

Evan tried to keep his little one in check for a few moments until the lady next to him held out her arms and said, “Oh just give him to me!” Evan exhaustedly and gratefully complied with the strangers offer.

Not even a minute after his son started snuggling the stranger, the little guy fell fast asleep. The woman offered to hold his son while if he wanted to take a quick nap, and Evan quickly drifted off to sleep.

crying baby plane

Have you ever heard the idea that babies know good people? If the child senses something bad, they tend to cry a lot, but if they feel somebody is safe they will accept them a lot quicker. It seems like in this story the baby sensed the passenger was very safe.

Has this ever happen to you on the plane ride or any environment where a baby was crying or wouldn’t calm down?

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