Cruz CAN’T And WON’T Win The General Election And Here’s WHY!


The only possible legitimate Republican nominee is Donald Trump. Even if Ted Cruz reaches 1237 delegates, it will only be because the party elite interfered with the election and continued their current character assassination on Trump. I would imagine that a brokered convention means that the Republican nominee will lose 25-50% of the base.

But let’s look at it this way, this is just what the establishment wants – Cruz getting enough delegates to stop Trump but not enough to win the nomination. So, it becomes an open convention and White Knight Mitt Romney, or more likely Paul Ryan, becomes the chosen one. Of course, the party will blow up at that point and split into fractions, and the end of this nation will be in the hands of Hillary Clinton.

The media has been giving you a false negative narrative on Trump, and both establishment parties are using the media to play the American people. For the last few years, all you heard about was the disappearance of the middle class, how people were rationing medication to make it last, and other problems. Now all the sudden those things have suddenly gotten better because “people are not in enough pain for Trump to win.”

Trump is ahead in the delegate count, and the only reason Cruz is this close is because of the proportional delegate system. The next few contests are winner take all, and it is very possible Trump takes them all.

I said all that to say this as honestly as I can; Cruz has no chance of winning. Let me say that again, Cruz has no chance of winning.  He is not likeable on a large scale, and he doesn’t have the “IT” factor to bring over crossover voters like Reagan did and how Trump is accomplishing it right now. That speaks volumes and needs to be addressed.

Americans that came out to vote for Donald Trump in the early states will only vote for Donald Trump. Don’t be deceived by any pundit that Trump’s hardcore blue-collar supporters are going to vote for Ted Cruz. It won’t happen; I promise you.

Cruz wanted the evangelicals, and he’s getting most of them. It’s great to use the Constitution as a rallying cry, but many of these Americans are without jobs (94M people at last count) while many are on food stamps (56M at last count.) The constitution won’t fix this as it is a blueprint for governing, and doesn’t put food on the table or money in that middle-class home.

Cruz has run a good campaign, but it’s not great! He should have tapped into Trump’s magnet with the people a lot sooner. To me, it’s a wasted cause and will come back to hurt him if he’s the nominee for the GOP in the General Election.

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