Crist Consultant Drove to Starbucks to Kill Two-Day Long “Pay It Forward”

A two day’s long act of kindness at a Florida Starbucks was intentionally and abruptly put to a halt by a Charlie Crist consultant.

Peter Schorsch is consultant and blogger who has owed nearly $68,000 in fines to the Florida Elections Commission. He also pleaded no contest to grand theft and scheming to defraud charges. And, Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat former Governor Charlie Crist was a guest at Schorsch’s wedding last year.

When Peter Schorsch heard about the pay it forward streak, he went to Starbucks with the deliberate intention of ending it. As the 379th customer, he accepted the $6 drink the person in front of him purchased for him and stiffed the person behind him in line.

 “This is turning into a social phenomenon and I had to put an end to it.”

Schorsch was quick to point out that he tipped the barista $100. Critics are calling foul and questioning the generosity of tipping when you use it to counteract intentional stinginess.

However, he used the opportunity to promote himself by immediately blogging about it and giving interviews.

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