Cringe: Pence Hilariously Pretends To Fill His Truck With Gas Like The Common Folk In New Campaign Ad

Mike Pence was caught pretending to fill his pickup truck with gas in an unintentionally hilarious new campaign ad.
Screenshot: @Mike_Pence Twitter Video

The former Vice President Mike Pence was caught pretending to fill his pickup truck with gas in an unintentionally hilarious new campaign ad.

“Hey everybody. Mike Pence here,” the man of the people says in the video. “Remember $2 a gallon gas? I do. And then Joe Biden became president of the United States and launched his war on energy. Since that time, gasoline prices are up 60%, electricity prices are up 25%.”

The messaging is spot on. He’s absolutely right about gas prices. They are surging yet again – up nearly 30 cents/gallon in the last month – making Americans pine for the days of reasonable costs to make their vehicles operate.

But it was the delivery that caught the eye of some viewers.

Pence never actually squeezes the handle of the fuel pump during the ad. What’s worse, the gas pump continually beeps, prompting the user to choose their desired grade of fuel, something the former Vice President never does.

The incessant beeping can be heard throughout the nearly minute-long segment.

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Pence Doesn’t Put Gas In His Truck

How the director of the Pence campaign ad didn’t simply prepare his client by saying before the shoot, “You’re going to talk and then actually pump gas – now … roll” is beyond me.

Perhaps they filmed several takes. There’s only so much gas you can put in the truck. And a pickup is going to require more than 60 seconds to fill.

But why not at least pretend to squeeze the handle? Why not choose the grade and then cancel the transaction so we don’t hear the beeping throughout?

Or maybe even just film the campaign ad standing in front of a gas pump? Or standing next to somebody who actually is pumping gas, and donating a kidney in order to be able to afford it?

No, man of the people here has to look like Navin Johnson at the local gas station.

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Other Efforts To Relate To The Common Man

Pence’s gas station ad is reminiscent of other cringe-worthy efforts by politicians to seem like they can relate to the common everyday American.

Does anybody remember Senator Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) super-awkward Instagram live chat session with supporters in which she tried her damndest to appear down to Earth with the common folk by cracking open a beer and hanging with her “sweetie,” husband Bruce?

Then there was former Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, who pretended to be traversing the state in an RV to meet with the commoners. In reality, it seemed she was using a private plane.

The two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton struggled in her attempt to pretend she uses the subway.

And remember when President George H.W. Bush was pilloried in the media for supposedly being baffled by modern equipment at the supermarket?

Pence’s problems are much bigger than an inability to work a gas pump. Last month he sparred with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson over his Ukraine-first approach.

More recently, he was blasted by conservatives for a blistering statement in support of the latest indictment of Donald Trump regarding the January 6th riot at the Capitol.

Keith Kellogg, the former national security adviser to Vice President Pence, recently declared his old boss to be “unworthy of the presidency” and happily endorsed Trump in 2024.

Perhaps when his campaign is over, Pence can get a job back in Indiana actually using gas pumps at the local station.

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