Conservatives Shred Mike Pence After He Issues Statement Supporting Trump Indictment: ‘Should Never Be President’

Conservative critics swung back at former Vice President Mike Pence after he issued a blistering statement in support of the latest indictment of Donald Trump regarding the January 6th riot at the Capitol.
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Conservative critics swung back at former Vice President Mike Pence after he issued a blistering statement in support of the latest indictment of Donald Trump regarding the January 6th riot at the Capitol.

In one of the more clear-cut examples of malicious prosecution coming out of the Department of Justice, Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted Trump on four federal charges on Tuesday.

The charges include conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.

Pence responded to news of the indictment with full-on support and borderline glee.

“Today’s indictment serves as an important reminder: anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the United States,” he said.

“Our country is more important than one man. Our constitution is more important than any one man’s career,” added Pence. “On January 6th, Former President Trump demanded that I choose between him and the Constitution. I chose the Constitution and I always will.”

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Pence Hails Trump Indictment

What’s amusing is that Pence’s statement on the indictment goes on to convey three words about how things would be different if he won the election: “As your President.”

That’s a scenario this country is never going to encounter when the man continues to make such outlandish statements. You’d think the focus would be on the attempt by the Special Counsel to criminalize free speech. Or the continued pursuit of the DOJ to jail Republican supporters.

But Pence, desperate for a bump in the polls, decided to take his best shot. And conservatives noticed.

Fox News contributor Mark Levin slammed Pence’s comments as “shameful.”

“No Mike. That’s not what it shows,” Levin fired back. “Did you read these charges? They’ve nothing to do with the Constitution.”

Social media personality “Catturd” wished everyone today a very good morning … except for one person.

“Good morning to everyone except used car salesman, phony, Ukraine first, backstabber, fake Christian, loser Mike Pence,” they wrote.


Sam Janney, managing editor of Twitchy who goes by the Twitter handle “PolitiBunny,” suggested the response from Pence was worse than the Trump indictment itself.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell advised voters to stay away from the former Vice President.

And political commentator Benny Johnson celebrated the fact that Pence’s campaign was already over.

“So glad Tucker Carlson ended your career,” Johnson wrote, a reference to a recent forum of Republican presidential candidates in Iowa in which the former Fox News host tangled with Pence on his pro-Ukraine platform.

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Pence Has Previously Insisted The Media Made Capitol Riot Bigger Than It Was

That forum, incidentally, also featured Pence making the claim that religious leaders were not being jailed in Ukraine … on the very same day a senior Orthodox cleric had been detained in Kyiv.

Turning a blind eye to jailing religious leaders as well as political opponents isn’t exactly a winning formula, Mike.

Pence actually plays a central role in the Trump indictment. Special Counsel Smith used notes from the former Vice President that included detailed recollections of private calls and conversations – including one particular conversation that took place on Christmas Day, 2020.

“When the Vice President called the defendant to wish him a Merry Christmas, the defendant quickly turned the conversations to Jan. 6 and his request that the Vice President reject electoral votes that day,” the indictment states.

Phone conversations are now criminal in America. What in the actual …?

Pence has insisted for some time that he had no authority to object to the certification of the 2020 election results and that his role that day was primarily ceremonial.

One area in which the two agree is that the media blew January 6th completely out of proportion as a means to denounce Trump supporters, who they have despised all along.

Pence, who was the target of some vile threats by a handful of protesters at the riot, decried media focus of the so-called “insurrection” as being obsessed with “one day in January.”

“They want to use that one day to try and demean the character and intentions of 74 million Americans who believed we could be strong again and prosperous again and supported our administration in 2016 and 2020,” Pence said.

Now, however, when it comes to prosecutions of those same people, Pence is on board. No pardons for January 6th prisoners who only had tangential connections to the events of that day, and full-throated support for Trump’s indictment.

RIP Pence’s campaign.

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