Controversial Bumper Sticker in Virginia Triggers Hate, Alarms Police


Virginia Fraternal Order of Police President Kevin Carroll called the “Shoot a cop” message dangerous to officers in the state.

“Officers make mistakes,” Carroll told NBC12. “I understand that, but I did not know that it now has become fashionable to hate the police.”

Carroll added that anti-cop images like the bumper sticker just make it harder to find good recruits. The First Amendment protects the bumper sticker’s message.

Let’ss see how much this driver wants to shoot a cop if the officers in Virginia go on strike — all of them! I guarantee that guy and his family will probably not make it through a night.

This driver is daring the cops to pull him over and stop him. Then he will probably have a video camera to immediately film the traffic stop for YouTube or maybe the driver wants to cause harm to the law enforcement official. Who knows?

It’s coming very fast….. the day we won’t have them to call for help. What is wrong that we even tolerate this type of crap?

NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side

H/T: NBC12

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