Conservatives Who Are Creating Culture, Instead of Abandoning It

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It seems every year, a new round of blows to the cultural fabric of our society makes conservatives wonder whether or not the end of days is really near. Pundits on Twitter exclaiming that “conservatives have abandoned the culture” is something you hear or see in one way, shape, or form each time a comic book character gets their sexuality switched or when schools decides to start holding after school Satan Clubs.

I’m old enough to remember when Fox News attacked my favorite video game, Mass Effect, and when people actually stopped calling French fries “freedom fries” because the French weren’t big on supporting our invasion of Iraq.

Growing up in the nineties and early 2000’s, conservatives were the ones fighting all my favorite music, movies, shows, and comic books. You name it and Bill O’Reilly was probably saying it was evil and should be avoided. I remember when parents were still burning Harry Potter books. How times have changed.

Now, the fight against “political correctness” has turned into the war on “cancel culture” and “woke.” The people who defended “Piss Christ” as free speech are the same ones who today argue that college religious studies professors should be fired for showing images of dead Islamic prophets.

Conservatives and liberals may have switched their stances on a number of things, from whether whistleblower Edward Snowden is a hero or villain, or whether to bomb countries that aren’t even real, but the one constant is that liberals have taken control of almost all of our entertainment, academic, and cultural hubs over the last century while conservatives largely lag behind and shout complaints from the cheap seats once things become noticeably uncomfortable.

The “culture war” as many have called it in the media implies conservatives are either on the defense against moral degeneracy, or are on the offense against libertine individualism.

As conservatives, should we choose to be part of a war we’ve largely lost by focusing our efforts entirely on simply winning election after election for the soul of our nation? Or a renaissance that could change the tide through joy, humor, and creativity?

Luckily, some have answered the call and are taking the frontlines of the culture war in a different direction.

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Not Just a “Parallel Economy” but a Good Choice

For some time, it has seemed that the Left has attempted to push conservatives right off the edge of society. Much like that horrible character Rose from Titanic, there simply appears not to be enough room on the floating piece of wreckage that is polite society; we have to freeze to death like Jack, the Wisconsin boy who unlike Rose and her elitist fiancee who abandoned her to die, actually knew what it was like to have a job.

Believe in gun rights? No bank for you. Drive a gas powered car? No loan for you. Don’t support abortion on demand? Don’t listen to my music or watch my movies, bigot.

Some brave conservatives have taken up the call to action by setting up a parallel economy to those owned by liberal elites who actively hate your existence and think you are undeserving of their services and products. However, many of them have encountered severe challenges such as boundaries making it near impossible to compete or lack of consumer interest by those who should have been more than supportive.

Conservative social media ranging from Parler to Truth Social and GETTR is just that, social media for conservatives, not a true competitor taking away market dominance from Meta or Twitter.

Fundraising and crowdfunding sites like GiveSendGo, which is the conservative version of GoFundMe, found itself shut down in 2022 temporarily because activists used the site to donate to the Canadian Freedom Trucker Convoy.

Meanwhile a few years prior, GoFundMe shut down all attempts to raise money for Kyle Rittenhouse while at the same time actively promoting campaigns set up for the sex offender and other former criminal Rittenhouse killed in self-defense during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Our divisive society has gotten so out of hand, even Dr. Ben Carson and allies have resorted to starting their own bank on the grounds that they won’t freeze your account or kick you out overnight just because you disagree on whether men should used women’s bathrooms.

Liberals have weaponized the marketplace against us, and while alternatives are always good to have, some have sought to try and go toe-to-toe by standing our their own values of quality and competitiveness.

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From Comics to Chocolate, Conservatives are Shattering Expectations

Over the past few years, some on the Right have managed to make a market splash in a big way.

Rapper and TheBlazeTV contributor Eric July, tired of how the major comic book publishers such as Marvel and DC Comics have butchered classic characters in order to promote inauthentic, woke creations and agenda-pushing stories lacking any creativity, founded his own comic book publishing company Rippaverse Comics.

During the launch of the company’s first title “Isom” they received 30,000 pre-orders in just the first couple days, making $2.5 million in sales. The company intends to continue creating a shared universe that all comic fans, regardless of political views, can enjoy simply for the love of comics.

While women’s lifestyle and fashion magazines have largely ignored or outright mocked conservative women in the entertainment and political space in order to push a far-left feminist agenda that is anti-family, anti-man, and anti-religion, conservative publisher Brittany Martinez (no relation) founded Evie Magazine to not simply go after every liberal narrative in circulation, but to offer a place for women who support traditional values to learn, laugh, and enjoy discourse on the topics that matter to them.

“Millions of women across America have been forgotten by the publishing world,” the About Page of their website states. “They’re tired of having to go to trashy or politically biased sites and magazines just to get quality reads on health, beauty, and more. For years, these publications have focused on proving how women are great by showing how they can be just like men.”

“Not us. We focus on women and celebrate what makes us so wonderfully unique. Because men can’t be us. And the ones who know that are the ones who love us most.”

Evie’s multimedia efforts are on par with the professionalism you’d find years ago in Sports Illustrated and other sites, and if you showed some of their content to someone unaware of who they were, they’d think they were looking at something from Vogue or Elle.

And of course, I’d be neglectful if I didn’t include Jeremy’s Razors and Jeremy’s Chocolates. Both brands came out of protest to egregious attempts at pandering to the transgender lobby, but instead of demanding conservatives simply boycott woke brands such as Harry’s Razors, Gillete, and Hershey, they instead launched their own quality products.

In 2022, Jeremy’s Razors sold 45,000 subscriptions during their first opening week, and Jeremy’s Chocolate sold half a million chocolate bars within days of launching this year.

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Culture Matters

It isn’t enough to demand alternatives and then leave them to fend and compete on their own. Conservative businesses and outlets face a significant set of challenges because they’re the underdog.

While supporting an underdog in principle might feel great, its even better to do so because you love what they do, support what they deliver, and benefit because you genuinely like their products and services at the same time. You want to tell friends you’re buying from Brand X not because you simply hate Brand Z, but because Brand X sells a superior product.

It isn’t enough to just take over the halls of power from dog catcher to president; we do need conservatives in journalism, in Hollywood, in academia and sometimes, even in chocolate.

“Politics is downstream from culture,” said the late maverick Andrew Breitbart. Will conservatives continue to parrot that without action or, like these examples, take them to heart?

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