WATCH: Andrea Mew Says Traditional Masculinity is Good, Not ‘Toxic’

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

The War on Men has been a top priority of the left for years now, and from their perspective, it just made sense. 

Strong men, traditional gender roles, and masculinity are the top, if not the highest, obstacles to a revolutionary overhaul of American and Western society. 

Sorry to say it, but they’re winning. This doesn’t have to be the final result though.

The Political Insider’s Brett Smith recently sat down with Independent Women’s Forum’s Andrea Mew to dismiss the Marxist-feminist lie that masculinity is “toxic.” 

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Men Should Be Men!

Mew, also an author at Evie Magazine, isn’t buying into the current dogma surrounding men. 

As Smith pointed out during their conversation, the current iteration of the War on Men seems to have it’s roots in the “MeToo” movement. The problem is, painting all men with the same brush as disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is not only wrong, but harmful to society. 

“I think people are a little confused as to what ‘toxic masculinity’ is,” argued Mew. “Because you can have toxic masculinity, as well as toxic femininity, frankly, but it’s blown out of proportion. There are certain cases like you mentioned, with Harvey Weinstein, where there are bad men who do genuinely bad things. But that doesn’t mean we have to go on a witch hunt against every man who embodies any sort of masculine traits.”

She added that “When you reduce the amount of strong men in the world, you’re going to see problems.”

Case in point: How often do you see women constructing buildings? Repairing bridges? Welding on a skyscraper? Fixing roads? 

The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with women avoiding these jobs. As Elaine famously described on “Seinfeld,” men’s bodies are like jeeps. They’re rugged and utilitarian! 

“It used to be about being equal, when I was growing up in the 80’s and the 90’s,” Smith pointed out. Not so, anymore.

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Where CAN Men Be Men?

“People will take any sort of communication from a man and view it from the lens of objectification, and it might just be an honest compliment. And we need to kind of learn how to take compliments again,” Mew says.

“I think it’s a generational thing. My generation grew up with a whole lot more offensive stuff in the sphere of entertainment… Now we’ve sort of been conditioned to be really hypersensitive… You don’t have to go to DEFCON 1 just because somebody said something you don’t like,” Smith points out. 

Mew also took on the “equality” angle, pointing out that women have continually invaded traditionally male spaces, leaving men few options:

“There’s also a lack of spaces for men to be men, or for boys to be boys. For instance, the Boy Scouts becoming integrated with females. You don’t have the same fraternal organizations you used to have… where men could express themselves and not feel like they have to censor themselves.”

The interview is fascinating – to hear a defense of men from a woman’s perspective is unusual in this day and age, and this interview is a must-listen.

You don’t want to miss Mew explain the woman-led “gynocracy,” and how it’s different from a matriarchy. 

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