It doesn’t take much to whip a Hollywood crowd into a frenzy these days. That is the word being used to describe a crowd at the Critics’ Choice Awards, who relentlessly booed the very mention of conservative actor Jon Voight’s name.

Voight, who has made no secret of his support for President-elect Donald Trump, had his name read off on a list of nominees for an award at the event, and the crowd voiced their opinion in an awkward moment.

When is the last time a liberal actor was jeered for their support of a Democrat candidate? Answer – right around the 12th of never.

The crowd reaction was so over-the-top, that a prominent Hollywood publication described it as “classless.”

Via Hollywood Life:

Uh…well this is awkward. During an event that was meant to be full of elegance and poise, Jon Voight, 77, found himself in the middle of an audience frenzy! The crowd at the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards BOOED Jon as soon as his name was read aloud. The father of Angelina Jolie was up for an award at the time when people went crazy, making it an incredibly [tense] situation. The reason he was booed was because of his political views, and support for Republican Donald Trump.

Jon has spoken very honestly and openly about his admiration for the business mogul, even releasing a mini video titled, “Plea To Save America.” In the three-minute segment, Jon talks into a camera lens about all the amazing things Donald will do for our country if elected. We totally understand the frustration behind the President-Elect’s win, but was booing the correct way to go about it? Seems a little classless.

Voight endorsed Trump for President very early on in his campaign saying “he will not let us down” and that a vote for him will “save our nation.”

In his video release of a ‘Plea to Save America,’ Voight prayed, “May God protect the real truth, and may Donald Trump win this presidency.”

Check it out here:

Voight certainly could have responded to the booing crowd by crowing over Trump’s victory, but true to form he remained the classy individual he is known as. His response to the jeering liberals was way more powerful:

“Like a champ,” Hollywood Life reported, “Jon did his best to ignore the rowdy audience, and continued to smile throughout the night.”

Comment: Are you surprised by the classless, childish reaction of Hollywood elites badgering Jon Voight for his support of Donald Trump? Share your thoughts below.

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