Community Buys Car For Justin Korva Who Walks 3 Miles to Work Every Day

There’s no better charity than to help those who are willing to help themselves, and that was exactly the case in Rockwall, Texas.

During one day driving in Rockwall, Andy Mitchell spotted a young man on the side of the road walking. He stopped and offered the 20-year old Justin Korva, a ride. It turns out that Korva worked at his local Taco Casa, but didn’t have a car so he had to walk three miles to work every day (and another three miles back).

After giving him a ride, Mitchell posted about it on his Facebook page:

After word got out, Mitchell and some members of the community began raising money to get Korva a car of his own, which they kept secret until revealing it to him. Not only did they end up getting him a 2004 Toyota Camry, everyone pitched in to pay for his first year’s car insurance, two years worth of oil changes, and $500 worth of gas.

Watch below:

H/T The Daily Mail

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