Team USA Coach Issues Big Warning To Any Colin Kaepernick Wannabes!

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If you’re a player on the Team USA World Cup hockey team and plan to show solidarity with anti-American spoiled athlete Colin Kaepernick, you might want to rethink those plans.

Coach John Tortorella has told his players that any player who sits for the national anthem might as well get comfortable.

“If any of my players sit on the bench for the national anthem,” Tortorella said, “they will sit there the rest of the game.”

Via Fox Sports:

The always-colorful John Tortorella will be behind the┬ábench as head coach of Team USA during the World Cup of Hockey later this month. He’s already making it known that he’s not going to tolerate any national anthem protests from his players during the tournament.

“If any of my players sit on the bench for the national anthem, they will sit there the rest of the game,” Tortorella told ESPN’s Linda Cohn on Tuesday.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has made headlines over the past few weeks thanks to his protests of the national anthem before his team’s preseason games. Kaepernick has chosen to remain seated or kneeled for the anthems as a way to speak up against police brutality and racial injustice in America. Several other athletes — including Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane and American soccer player Megan Rapinoe — have followed in the quarterback’s footsteps.

As the report indicates, there were no signs that anyone was going to pull a Kaepernick during the national anthem, but Tortorella wasn’t about to give them the opportunity.


Comment: Do you think the Team USA hockey coach is doing the right thing in telling players they will be benched if they sit for the national anthem? Do you support his decision? Share your thoughts below.

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