Cohen Guilty Plea with Mueller Is ‘Worst Possible Legal Nightmare’ for Trump According to Experts

Attorney Michael Cohen’s guilty plea in lying to Congress could be the “worst possible legal nightmare” for Trump according to legal experts.

Mueller claims Michael Cohen’s scalp

This morning, former Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty as part of the ongoing special counsel investigation into possible Russian collusion led by Robert Mueller. (RELATED: Report: Michael Cohen To Plead Guilty In Mueller Probe.) He is pleading guilty to making a false statement to Congress, specifically about his contacts with Russians during the 2016 campaign in regards to plans of a Moscow-based Trump Tower.

President Trump responded to the news by calling Cohen “weak” and ripped him for trying to get a “reduced sentence.”

According to former U.S. attorney Kendall Coffey, speaking to ABC News, this could be the ‘worst possible legal nightmare’ for Trump. From the report:

“The potential significance of Cohen’s cooperation is immense,” said Kendall Coffey, a former United States Attorney in Florida.

“It cannot be determined if Cohen’s cooperation will lead to other criminal allegations,” Coffey said. “But for most high-powered business people with complex business interests, having one’s personal attorney become a star witness for the prosecution is the worst possible legal nightmare.”

Some Never Trumpers are using this revelation to trash the President and question his loyalty.

Moscow Trump Tower isn’t news

Here’s the thing: The possible Moscow Trump Tower story isn’t news. CNN reported back in September of 2017 that the network had obtained documents about possible plans to build a Trump Tower in the Russian capital. From the report:

An internal Trump Organization document from October 2015, obtained by CNN on Thursday, reveals the details of a 17-page letter of intent that set the stage for Trump’s attorney to negotiate a promising branding venture for Trump condominiums, a hotel and commercial property in the heart of Moscow.

According to CNN, the entire deal was scrapped “three months later as the project failed to get off the ground.”

It’s been known for over a year that the Trump Organization was in talks with Moscow about establishing a branded property in the city. That’s not news. What’s new is Cohen lying to Congress about the timeline of how long negotiations lasted. Previously, Cohen testified that talks ended in January 2016. But that’s apparently not true, according to Cohen’s admission.

No proof of legal wrongdoing in Trump Moscow talks

Regardless of how it looks for a presidential candidate to be discussing a business deal with an American adversary, the truth is is that nothing significant has been proven to come from it. No bribes, no collusion, no illegality. The entire thing only upsets former cold warriors who still think the U.S.S.R. exists.

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