CNN’s Latest Conspiracy Theory: If Trump Loses In 2020, He Will Refuse To Leave Office

Joshua Geltzer, a CNN opinion writer, feels there is a good chance President Donald J. Trump would refuse to leave the Oval Office if he lost the next election. In his recent opinion piece, Geltzer alluded to Trump choosing not to answer whether or not he would honor the 2016 election results.

Geltzer writes:

Remember, when Trump was merely a private citizen running for President in 2016, he became the first presidential candidate in recent memory to refuse to commit that he’d honor the results of the election if he lost. Now, he occupies the Oval Office. He’s the commander in chief of the most powerful military on Earth. If he even hints at contesting the election result in 2020, as he suggested he might in 2016, he’d be doing so not as an outsider but as a leader with the vast resources of the US government potentially at his disposal.

If Trump wins, will his opponent concede graciously and move on or will they drag it out for months – with lawfare and recounts and nonsense, then whine and moan and write books about how it was everyone’s fault they lost?

I know what you’re thinking. Does anybody with an ounce of brains still watch that garbage network called CNN or visit their website? Who cares what anybody working there says, worthless reporters that can’t make it on a real network. To me, anything they say is meaningless. The network is a home for ignorant progressives.

Geltzer s covered Trump’s attacks on the media and intelligence community as well as initiating the national emergency for the border wall. He also hit on CNN’s bread and butter – Trump failing to address and fix foreign interference in our elections.

Geltzer is confused. The only foreign interference in our elections for the past fifty or so years has been illegal aliens voting, which is why Democrats favor open borders. It’s their constituency. Oh, and Ted Kennedy’s letter, on his Senate stationary no less, to Russia’s president seeking their help in defeating President Ronald W. Reagan in 1984.

After two years wasting taxpayer money on a frivolous witch hunt about a Trump-Russia collusion, the ONLY evidence Robert Mueller has come up with is Hillary Clinton’s collusion with Russia and process crimes that have nothing to do with President Trump.

The reason Mueller won’t publish his findings is that there is nothing incriminating President Trump, but plenty incriminating the Democrat deep state and the Clinton campaign. Unless he’s stopped, Mueller will prolong this waste of time and money just to get paid.

CNN loves to put people on their network who hate the President so much that reality no longer exists. They live in a world of fake news and ideas. They are promoters of lies and propaganda.

Like any other candidate, Trump has every right to contest election results through the legal process.

Even so, Trump will voluntarily exit office at the end of his term(s), per the Constitution. Any suggestion otherwise is pure nuttiness and paranoia.

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